Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 30th May 2022

May 30, 2022: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode Start with Akshu coming to the kitchen to help Manjiri. Abhi comes and signs Akshu. Chali aa tu chali aa… .plays… Abhi signs sorry and requests that she come. Akshu signs him to go. Abhi goes. Akshu requests that worker take care of his responsibilities. She goes to the room. She requests that Abhi quit doing exercise. He inquires as to why. She says you are as of now hot, young ladies will get after you. They have a discussion. She says I ought to lash out with you. He sorry, I was worn out. She says I planned to persuade you, you are excessively sweet. He says you are certainly standing out, when you don’t get it… She says I will grab it, you are my better half. He says you search in an alternate state of mind today. He draws near to her. Neil comes alarming them that he is coming. They get up. Neil says Manjiri is calling both of you, what occurred, for what reason is Abhi gazing at me. Abhi signs him to go. Abhi remembers to take Akshu some place for smaller than usual wedding trip. Manjiri takes the reception papers. She tears the papers and wastes it. Cruel looks on and asks what’s going on with you. She says cleaning. She requests that worker take the papers and consume it. She goes to serve the morning meal. One paper falls there with the youngster’s pic. Parth and Shefali contend and cruise by. Neil comes there and doesn’t see the paper. Manjiri requests that Akshu finish the food. Mahima says you will not seek unique treatment there. Brutal says you will know what’s to work outside. Akshu says I have no issue, my earnestness will be something very similar. Mahima requests that she become an inspirational orator. Akshu requests that she wish her best of luck, not demotivate her. She says Abhi had requested that I show off her abilities and make a personality. Anand says the very best, you will make our name sparkle. Mahima says the very best. Akshu says be it staff or the proprietor, everybody ought to go on time. She requests that Abhi come quick. Abhi says sorry, you won’t ever get late as a result of me. She drops the document. The reception paper gets blended in with her papers. They leave.

Akshu says Abhi made me arrive at on time. She sees a patient requesting Dr. Naveen. Nurture converses with her impolitely and requests that she leave. Akshu says give her an arrangement. Nurture says its your most memorable day, you mind your own work. Akshu hears individuals discussing the magnanimous emergency clinic. She calls Abhi. Abhi say you missed me soon. Akshu says I required some work. He asks what occurred, will I come. She tells about the lady requiring treatment for her child, might you at any point allude her. She gets the reception paper and reviews Manjiri’s words. She thinks how was this paper fallen there. She gives Birla clinic address to the woman and requests that she go there and request Abhimanyu Birla. She hears Abhi yelling and turns. She sees Abhi reproving the staff. The woman asks is this your better half. Akshu sys yes. Abhi reproves the medical clinic officials. The man inquires as to for what reason will we deny, you are mixed up, quiet down, I will call Dr. Naveen, he will come, this will not reoccur. He faults the medical caretaker. Abhi says I couldn’t care less about the inside issue, you take cash from the govt, you ought to deal with the destitute. Abhi blows up hearing the attendants discussing Akshu. He leaves. Akshu signs no to him. He goes out. She says we don’t need to battle, I was sending the woman to you. He says I m not doing any error. They contend. She says some of the time we need to keep quiet, I was sending the woman to you for treatment, I can oversee here, I likewise comprehend things, matter got spoilt here. He says fine, apologies. He leaves. She sees everybody gazing at her. Abhi vents outrage by tossing a man’s moving slow down. He pays the man and helps him. He leaves.

Akshu gets back home. She says I will converse with Abhi. Unforgiving, Anand and Mahima get back home. Unforgiving reprimands Akshu. He says you called Abhi there and offended him, you figured we won’t be aware, we know it all. She says perhaps somebody gave you an off-base news, I requested that Abhi help the penniless, he came there and lashed out on the staff. He says you realize his resentment and afterward didn’t think. Mahima and Harsh reprimand Akshu. Akshu gets miserable. Manjiri feels awful. Cruel says get water for us. He insults Manjiri. He says somebody will come from clinic today for DNA testing. Manjiri gets strained and drops the water glasses. Brutal chides her. Akshu asks Manjiri is she fine. Anand requests that Akshu unwind, water was not hot. He asks Manjiri is she fine. Manjiri thinks did Harsh know anything, for what reason is he discussing DNA test. Akshu asks her is she OK, sit, for what reason is she stressed. Abhi comes and stresses seeing Manjiri. She says I m fine, for what reason is Harsh requesting DNA test. Abhi says its simply to give tests, to check our productive staff, a few kids and guardians utilize this test to recognize their folks. Manjiri gets stunned.


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