Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Woh Toh Hai Albela 24 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 24th June 2022

June 24, 2022: Woh Toh Hai Albela Today Episode Start with She trusts Kanha is fine and supposes on the off chance that something happens to Kanha, she won’t extra Sayuri. Sayuri while driving vehicle towards home lets Kanha know that he was destined to be an albela and shouldn’t lose his character. Kanha requests that she stop the vehicle and receives in return feeling upset. Sayuri says somebody needs to show him truth, he ought to quit attempting to become Chiru and lose his own way of life as he is interesting and it’s not possible for anyone to be albela like him and keeps on talking. Kanha ges persuaded and grins.

Rashmi shows her and Nakul’s and Kanha and Sayuri’s recordings to Priya and acclaims Kanha’s consideration for Sayuri. That’s what indu hears and thanks god for refuting Saroj. Rashmi further discussions how Nakul was defensive about her and took great consideration of her, and so forth. Indu reviews Sayuri’s unpleasant admonition that she won’t extra her and her girls assuming Rashmi eyes on Nakul now. She figures she shouldn’t notice Saroj’s insults.

Kanha requests that Sayuri pay attention to him. She requests that he talk. He proceeds. She begins driving once more and feels disappointed. He says he generally thought to be her as self-important and bothering, however when he saw her separating after Chiru’s passing, his insight transformed; she wedded an individual whom she detests the most to regard Chiru’s last desire, she realized Saroj could never acknowledge her and upset her a ton; she is so lovely, merciful, and awsome. He begins applauding her excellence. She gets out anything that he drank is influencing his psyche now. He says he was unable to keep his eyes off her during the party and even at this point. She feels apprehensive. Hasta Rahta Hoon.. tune plays behind the scenes.

Anjali’s dad demands her to get back now as the entire inn staff likewise has left. Anjali rejects and expectations Kanha returns. Father says Kanha’s significant other is with him and he won’t return. Anjali frenzies and says its impractical. Father says he will quit addressing her in the event that she gets determined. Anjali figures Sayuri and Kanha can’t do this to her.

Kanha keeps commending Sayuri’s excellence and says he is feeling abnormal. Sayuri requests that he stop. He says he has a main outlook on her nowadays. Sayuri feels more anxious. Kamnha makes statements are not influenced quite a bit by interestingly, on the off chance that he fell in her affection. She sees his face staggered and crashes the vehicle to a tree. Saroj gets stressed for Kanha. Nakul and Devraj requests that she quit stressing and nod off. Saroj offers something wrong is going on with Kanha. Nakul says he will get down on Kanha and find. Saroj says she is attempting since long and implores god to safeguard her child. Sayuri recovers cognizance after the mishap and notification Kanha oblivious. She attempts to awaken him and yells for help. Kanha opens eyes. She genuinely embraces him firmly.

Nakul and Devraj get some information about Kanha as he isn’t a youngster any longer. Devraj requests that Nakul send the worker to proceed to check. Saroj cries that her psyche will be temperamental until her child gets back safe. Sayuri inquires as to whether he is fine as there was a mishap and she would rather not lose him. He says he is fine. He says he is.


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