Woh Toh Hai Albela 14th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Woh Toh Hai Albela 14 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 14th May 2022

May 14, 2022: Woh Toh Hai Albela Today Episode Start with Kahna brings Sayuri home. Indu and Bhanu race to Sayuri concerned. Pihu brings water. Indu inquires as to whether she had gone to kick the bucket, even they ought to have went with her assuming she had informed them in advance. Rashmi says they will live and pass on together. Sayuri requests that she get ready something to eat as she feels hungry. Indu says she will plan sweet. Rashmi asys its Sayuri’s #1 dish and takes Sayuri inside home. Dhanraj asks where did he track down Sayuri. Kanha says she was endeavoring self destruction, what might he have addressed Chiru assuming something had happened to her. Dhanraj asks him not to think a lot. Tej requests that he proceed to rest.

Tej then figures he can’t failed to remember what Chiru did prior to passing on, assuming its the ideal opportunity to talk about it. Dhanraj asks him for what valid reason he didn’t go into the house. Tej says just ladies stay in Sayuri’s home and Chiru comprehended they need insurance, so he gave his pagdi to Kanha and gave his hand in Sayuri’s grasp. Dhanraj says now he understood that Chiru believed Kanha should wed Sayuri. Kanha is stunned to hear that and says they have misread Chiru’s motion. Nakul backs him. Kanha says Chiru adored Sayuri and he can’t imagine wedding Sayuri.

Indu plans jalebi while Sayuri watches her. Bhanu reminds Sayuri how she used to watch Indu planning jalebis in her experience growing up. Sayuri cries reviewing region individuals embarrassing her. Bhanu consoles her. Pihu lashes out on individuals and decides to rebuff them. Rashmi stops her and quiets her down. Bhanu takes care of jalebis to Sayuri and trusts she gets inspiration in her life.

Saroj feels uncomfortable while going in a vehicle for a journey and escapes vehicle. She trusts that something wrong shouldn’t have occurred at home. Driver requests that she get once more into vehicle as there is a rail line cross on the way. Back home, Kanha keeps on making sense of his thinking not to wed Sayuri. Dhanraj and Tej make sense of him that even he was with Sayuri, yet just ladies are accused in the general public and its his obligation to safeguard Sayuri, and so on.

Indu lets Bhanu know that they ought to leave from here to a spot where no one recognizes them. Bhanu says they can’t change their destiny with the difference set up. Indu says they can’t trouble their obligation on Kanha. Bhanu uncovers that Chiru gave Sayuri’s hand in Kanha’s grasp and flagged him to wed Sayuri. Sayuri gets stunned hearing that. Kanha on the opposite side lets Dhandraj and Tej know that he can’t wed Sayuri as he cherishes Anjali. Dhanraj says he knows just Anjali loves him and he doesn’t cherish Anjali as he has seen Anjali requesting that he wed her more than once and him giving reasons. The two of them keep on persuading him to wed Sayuri.


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