Udaariyaan 21st April 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Udaariyaan 21 April 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 21st April 2022

April 21, 2022: Udaariyaan Today Episode Start with Angad saying we will continuously be companions. Tejo expresses gratitude toward him. She runs from that point. She attempts to employ an auto. Jasmin comes and says I was following you, what are you stowing away, tell me, believe me. Tejo says I m going to meet Fateh, could you at any point call him. Jasmin says why not, pause. She calls Fateh from Tejo’s telephone. She expresses pay attention to me, Tejo needs to meet you at this moment. He asks where. She expresses come at Vasant lobby. He thinks does she need to pardon me. He grins and leaves. Satti says I have kept the mangalsutra and sindoor. Rupy says I will supplicate that everything gets fine. Navraj says I will take the shoes and request 50000rs, my Jija is a crorepati. Rupy says I m stressed thinking what the pandit said. Bebe says it was for Fateh and Tejo, sit back and relax. Jasmin says clear the distinctions, proceed to meet him, I will be the most blissful when you both join together. She requests that Tejo be careful, love will win. Tejo embraces her. She thinks I need to let Fateh know that he is the dad of my child. Angad thinks about Tejo’s words and flies off the handle. Rupy gets a call. Specialist says your report needed to come, its uplifting news, your heart is better now, I will message you the reports, I needed to inform you concerning Tejo’s report likewise, she had gone for blood test prior to giving you blood, pretty much nothing remains to be stressed, she is pregnant. Rupy doesn’t hear this and says don’t have any idea what did he need to say, I was unable to hear it. He goes.

Fateh reviews Tejo. He thinks does he need to excuse me, what is it that she need to converse with me. Abhiraj gets some information about the plans. Rupy says its all around great. Abhiraj says I will get Tejo, just sit back and relax. Stti calls Jasmin to inquire. She says Jasmin isn’t replying, they are so indiscreet. Bebe asks Satti not to stress, all will be great. Satti says ladies get terrible sight, Tejo’s destiny is such awful. Rupy says where is Tejo. pandit says mahurat time is elapsing. Harman, Lovely come moving. Rupy says man of the hour’s family has come. Abhiraj asks where is the husband to be. Harman says Angad will come, you will see an exceptional passage, till then invite us. They all embrace. Beautiful gets some information about Tejo. Satti says she went to salon, she will come. Abhiraj remembers to take a brief trip and see Tejo and Angad. Pandit asks where are the lady of the hour and lucky man, mahurat is passing. Rupy calls Angad and says for what reason is he not replying. Somebody is seen with a petroleum compartment at some spot. Tejo requests that Jasmin go along. Jasmin says relax, Fateh is there, how will I respond there, go quick, I will deal with everybody at home. Tejo leaves. Mahi says Fateh has gone to meet Tejo. Simran asks what, right now. Mahi says OK, who realizes Tejo weds Fateh. Gurpreet says two people’s lives ae connected with this. Simran says don’t realize Fateh can live without Fateh or not, Tejo has called him, else how could he go there.

Khushbeer asks did Fateh go to meet Tejo, he can do some absurdity. Simran says no, he can do nothing. He says he can do anything, I will call him. Fateh is as yet driving. Khushbeer says Fateh isn’t replying. Buzo comes and asks what occurred. Gurpreet says Fateh has gone to meet Tejo, I m stressed, think that he is out. Buzo goes. Gurpreet implores. Tejo reviews Fateh. She gets Jasmin’s telephone in the auto. The individual pours the petroleum/lamp oil on the ground and dividers. Tejo comes inside. She says I will call Fateh and ask him where is he. She receives Fateh’s messages on Jasmin’s telephone. She is stunned. She reviews Fateh and Jasmin. She holds her head. She says Fateh, you need to come clean with me today. She yells Fateh. Somebody locks her inside. Rupy reviews Satti’s words. He holds his chest. Satti asks what occurred. He says I feel something wrong will occur. She says all will be great, Tejo will fine. Abhiraj asks what occurred, are you fine. Rupy asks where is Tejo, for what reason didn’t she come. Abhiraj thinks I had gone to Gurudwara, she isn’t there, what will I tell him. Tejo gets out whatever’s this smell.

She picks a stick and scents. She says petroleum… . What’s more, worriedly glances around. Khushbeer says Fateh and Buzo aren’t replying, I will take a quick trip and see. Gurpreet says Fateh has gone for a discussion. He says I will take a quick trip and see. Fateh’s jeep separates. He gets down the jeep and runs out and about. Tejo is caught inside. The man eliminates the goggles and cover. Angad caught Tejo. He reviews her words. He says sorry Tejo ji, you figured you will let Fateh know that you are pregnant, he will wed you, you both will be cheerful, no, on the off chance that you can’t be mine, then you can be of nobody. He reviews his arrangements. He illuminates a matchstick.


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