The third wave of corona infection has been the most dangerous. In November, this wave engulfed most patients and caused major losses. These halls of Delhi have come out from the figures revealed last month. Although the Delhi government may not hold the death toll, the decline in infection rate has been recorded. In early September, the Delhi government itself admitted that Corona was the third wave of infection in Delhi.

According to the government report, the number of deaths due to corona infection in November in Delhi has been the highest in three months. This assessment is based on the data of deaths from November 1 to November 30. As of November 1, a total of 6562 deaths were recorded in Delhi while by November 30 this figure had increased to 9174.

Thus the total number of deaths by November was 2612. Which is more than the June wave. The number of deaths on June 1, 2020 was 523 which rose to 2742 at the end of the month. Thus there were a total of 2219 deaths in June 2020. Which is more than that of the past wave. According to official figures, 899 deaths occurred in September and 1110 in October due to corona infection.

Seal areas show that the number of patients has increased rapidly: On the basis of the number of sealed areas in Delhi, the assessment of corona infected patients is clearly visible. Due to more infection cases, the Delhi government has needed to create a more infected seal area. Only in November the number of seal areas had to increase to 2193. Whereas in the month of October only 659 seals area was increased in this figure. At the beginning of October, the seal area was 2615 which had risen to 3274 by the end of the month.

In November, the corona infection rate fell to an average of 7.24: In the beginning of November, cases of corona infection were steadily increasing. The rate was at its highest peak in the first week and reached 15.26 percent.


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