Even in the jungle, political battles take place and the power struggle continues, just as in human life. The lion has a king lion. But the king is only one lion. The rest are not related to him. ..And his power also gets challenged. From fellow lions. ..And from the side of hyena. The Hollywood film The Lion King is based on this original mantra. It has a lion king named Mufasa. The next throne is to be given to his son Simba. But Mufasa’s brother Scar does not like it. It is a conspiracy against the king of the jungle and his brother Mufasa together with hyena in which Mufasa is killed. Now Mufasa’s son Nanha -sa Simba. What should they do Run or struggle to leave the forest. The Lion King is the story of this.

The highlight of the film in Hindi is the voices of Bollywood stars in it. The character of Mufasa is voiced by Shahrukh Khan and Simba is voiced by Shah Rukh’s son Aryan. There are voices of other Bollywood stars as well and because of this, ‘The Lion King’ seems to be a foreign film, not a foreign country. Filming is of high quality. Especially when the little Simba alone is walking on vast and sprawling ground – it seems that someone has become very lonely in the wilderness. There is also a philosophy of politics in the film about how Raja should be.

Mufasa is a democratic ruler in the jungle and loves creatures. But when Scar becomes king, he becomes very cruel. Man-Katha is mixed in Jungle Katha, although no man appears in the film. Some songs are also written in Hindi as original so the film does not look foreign. ‘The Lion King’ has become such that children and adults will like it.

The Lion King-3D (Hindi)
Director – John Favreau
Voices – Shahrukh Khan, Aryan Khan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sanjay Mishra, Asrani, Sharnaz Patel


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