Spy Bahu 27th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Spy Bahu 27 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 27th June 2022

June 27, 2022: Spy Bahu Today Episode Start with Yohan surprises Sejal and wishes her Happy Birthday Sejal. Sejal is amazed to find Yohan took her right name. Minal wishes Sejal and she hurries to embrace her and her dad. Drishti advises Sejal to examine her cake.

Sejal is astounded to track down her #1 desserts. Veera tells Yohan did this arrangements for her as he needed to make her birthday unique. Sejal cuts cake and her mom advises her to take care of Yohan first. Sejal takes care of the cake to Yohan and Keh Do Na plays in BM. Sejal gives the cake to Arun yet he tells an excessive amount of lovely feels unpleasant. Veera apologizes to Minal.

Avishek wishes Sejal Happt Birthday and thinks soon her future will be finished. Minal tells Arun she is sorry for whatever occurred between them in past and for our youngsters we ought to fail to remember the past. Arun tells first just Sejal was eager however presently her folks are covetous as well. Minal determines how Sejal helped Yohan was not so much for insatiability. Arun tells this decency is for eagerness of cash.

Veera apologieses to Minal for Arun’s benefit. Minal tells sandalwood’s aroma spreads gradually and Arun will acknowledge Sejal soon as nobody can remain annoyed with her girl for a really long time. Sejal asks Minal did she pardon her?

Minal approaches Sejal and tells her she has a deep understanding of her mission,her penance and torment she went through for her sibling and country. Minal tells she understood blood may be confirmation of relations however the assurance of the relationship comes just from heart. Sejal thinks blood is confirmation of relations and DNA will demonstrate Avishek is Farid lastly have the option to demonstrate Yohan is guiltless.

Yohan gazes at Sejal and thinks he needs to remain with her and allow his marriage an opportunity however what is it that she need? Sejal thinks all she needs is to demonstrate Yohan blameless and leave his life. Sejal asks Yohan did he have any work? Yohan asks Sejal is her hand alright?

Sejal expresses gratitude toward Yohan for regarding her folks and her birthday surprise. Yohan tells Sejal she misses Jamnagar a ton so he has one more treat for her tomorrow. Sejal asks Yohan today he accomplished such a great deal for herself and he is taking her name accurately why so?

Yohan tells nowadays it is his #1 name Sejal,it appears to be new everytime he takes the name and feels unwinding. Yohan advises Sejal to rests her hand is harmed so he will put the blanket for her. Veera tells Minal that Sejal has transformed Nanda chateau into a delightful house. Minal says thanks to Veera for tolerating Sejal as her little girl in-regulation.

Veera tells even she is a mother. Sejal thinks these new relations are so lovely yet how might they feel when they figure out reality with regards to her and Avishek. Sejal tells she has arranged SheerKurma extraordinarily for everybody. Flashback shows Farid asking more from her mom and Mahira offers him to eat her portion. Sejal serves it to Avishek and thinks today she is giving the sweet to her sibling yet not with affection but rather with goal of gathering his DNA.

Avishek thinks today on Mahira’s birthday he got sheerkurma however from another person and wishes she was with him. Avishek gets alarmed by Sejal and harms his hand from the broke piece of glass bowl.


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