The world of human experience becomes miraculous when it becomes an anecdote. When the modern tradition of historiography developed, he rejected Dastangoi, saying that it was playing with the purity of facts. It is interesting that the mankind who wrote history, created a chapter on the basis of dust and violence, today he is ashamed to see it. The coronary has churned humans with more understanding of their civilization and development than health. The charm of Dastangoi was even before this brainstorm, but now it has become a precious need of new times. Many latitudes and longitudes of dialect, tradition and time have been mentioned, referring to the interesting airs of new and old expanses of this hypnotic art – Kshipra Mathur.

The last twelve months have not only fallen heavily on the country singing Barhamasa, but also on the different ends of the civilization and the country. This era has given a new churn to the sharing of civilization and development, but has also given new strength to the protection of sensation. Between this brainstorm and learning, some traditions have also become a part of human emotions.

One such tradition is that of dastangoi or kissagoi. The world is once again returning to anecdotes, from the cold moonlight moonlight to the princess who presents the gift, what are there for the heart. Actually, he has been continuously teaching the lessons Coronakal had to teach us on the health front, but during this time he has come up with a great need to change the style of communication among the people.

The new world of Kisagoi and increased hypnosis for it is the result of this need. From history writing to any discussion on the ground, the reflex of the human mind has not been restored as much as it has been in stories. Therefore, it is a human nature to be told in anecdote, it has its inner yearning.

King of anecdote

The famous storyteller may have been Henry Lawson or a nail bull, as a ‘swagman’. The kings of these stories have heard the ups and downs of sound and equipment by sitting on the river bank, measuring feet and feet in the warm circle of bonfire. He told all the stories, in which his ancestors belonging to different countries and the centuries saved from there had learned. He got his footpaths only after this step.

The view of science proves that whenever the despondent Lokman encounters his behavior in the world or his inner turmoil, he leaves his knees to flow. It becomes unbridled. Then whatever the world thinks, but says, it is a part of the desire of a man in his jeans to make himself known by pouring out the stories that have accumulated layer by layer.

Legend of the collieries

When the American writer Coleridge wrote a wonderful ballad in the original “Rhym of Ancient Mariner”, keeping the character of a sailor in the original, then the expression of this ‘Katharsis’ was well known. In it, where the latest statement of the yearning of human and natural relations was eradicated, there was also the concern about the change of behavior in human race as a hunter.

A character is desperate to tell everyone about the mistakes of his life and the suffocation of the ship that is stuck in the sea, preparing to go on the journey. Next is the whole story where there is a human heartbeat, there is a struggle in life.

Calling this story, Coleridge presents ‘Water-water everyware, not a drop to drink’, that is, thirsty in the middle of the sea in such a way that the world’s largest sea bird albatross, which spent all its life flying on the sea, The cruelty of a human being in his gurur kills him, makes him stand tall. But then when nature wreaks havoc on him, he breaks down and looks like a madman, describing his lesson.

Dialogue and anecdote

The total dialogue that we have done in our entire life is about 65 percent of the stories and gossip. When Professor Yuval Nova Harare, who is making a splash all over the world, mentions in his book ‘Sapiens’ written on human civilization that the major reason for the power gained on this planet is the ability of humans to gossip, then we also get this hint. It is from the spinning and weaving of tales that the human world has ruled unbroken.

However, we have also suffered the mistake of believing that we are the owners of the earth. Therefore, the campaign to revive the art of kissing continues because we were weak in the relationship we had to strengthen with water-forest-land. Now the effort is that we can give ourselves the advice that the world will not be transformed by sustainable development. We had already demolished them by fixing the goals of the century.

Round new

Now there are new lines, new surprises, but the intention is not who will break it! In this era, whether it is from laughing stories, or from crying stories, by tying the tone or in the payoffs, by lifting it from real life or by bringing the faith and fresh characters of the past, whatever we may be At this time it seems very important to awaken humanity. Now we are at that point that our existence will only be able to exist if we do not interfere with nature unnecessarily.

In 2016, the Nobel of Literature, received by Bob Dillon of America, gave Dastangoi the position after which those who were on that line were ready to cut themselves further. The magical style of writing Dylan’s stories in songs also revealed that if you have dissolved the motive in the way of saying, then its effect lasts for the whole life of the listener.

Today, when the entire market of entertainment rests on the wastefulness of words and rhyme, Dillon wrote and sang ‘Masters of War’ in the sixties, on the 21st century world, soothed by race, color and religious distinction, distance and hatred Equally present to hurt.

Desi stories of change

The songs filled with stories provoking change have led the movements against the excesses of the princely states. Even though Sadhuram sparked the Bijoulia peasant movement in the Mewar concession, that spark was converted into fire by the tales of oppression spread by Manikyalal Verma and sung through ‘Panchida’.


The charm of Kissagoi has reached the world of technology. A software company has created technology that teaches the art of writing short stories to computers through artificial intelligence. Most of the customers of this technology are associated with the sports business. These people have used it well to summarize the match.

Through computer programming, the deciding moments of the match are selected and then their formulas are added. With this, some such software has also come, which will make your art of telling stories better with technical decoration. Such an advancement of storytelling in the Internet world is such a thrill in the virtual world, whose passion is increasing day by day. Many surveys conducted on web sites have also revealed that new e-experiments about imagination and story have both future and market.


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