Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 14th May 2022

May 14, 2022: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Today Episode Start with Gehna uncovers Surya that his introduction to the world testament has Urmila’s name as his mom as he is Urmila’s child. Surya asks her not to begin the dramatization once more. Gehna says the facts confirm that Suhani isn’t his mom. Surya says she ought to be embarrassed to denounce his mom. Gehna says Suhani ought to be embarrassed rather for getting Surya far from his organic mother for her advantage. Surya cautions her to quit lying. Gehna inquires as to whether she doesn’t really accept that her, she ought to address Suhani then. Suhani requests that she quit attempting to make a break among her and her child and gets out anything Gehna attempts, she is certain that Surya confides in just her. Surya says he confides in her, yet why this DNA report and birth declaration don’t have her name. Suhani gave him counterfeit birth authentications. Surya questions why she lied.

Suhani says a mother never makes her kids’ phony vow and keeping her hand on Surya’s head makes vow. Daadi stops her and requests that she make Sarika’s vow then, at that point. Sarika gets strained and asks Suhani not to make her phony vow as she would rather not pass on. Surya faces Suhani for making bogus vow. Suhani acknowledges that she isn’t his genuine mother. Surya breaks hearing that and says he indiscriminately believed her, however the entire family with the exception of him realizes that he isn’t her child. Suhani requests that he pay attention to her once. Gehna asks him not to succumb to her falsehoods once more. Suhani says she simply needs a short ways from him. Surya concurs. Gehna asks him not to pay attention to Suhani. Surya says however Suhani isn’t his genuine mother, she got him up and has right on him. He leaves holding Suhani’s hand.

Urmila calls Gehna and asks what’s going on there. Gehna says at last truth is emerging and requests that she come inside the house soon. Urmila gets cheerful hearing that. Sarika breaks Gehna’s versatile and goes up against her for annihilate her home, sending her significant other and sibling to imprison, and attempting to isolate her one more sibling from her mom. She asks what’s going on in the event that Suhani isn’t Surya’s genuine mother. Gehna says nothing out of sorts in is being a stage mother, however Suhani’s aims are off-base. She asks Matarani to secure and uphold her better half.

Surya strolls down holding a bag and calls Gehna. Gehna strolls to him. Surya sys anything she did is out of worry for him, he believes her should fail to remember this issue and let him live with the way that he is Suhani’s child, they ought to fail to remember whatever happen today as a bad dream and carry on with a cheerful everyday life. Gehna says Suhani’s goals are off-base and she controlled him entire life for herself as well as her crook child’s way of behaving and attempted to kill him when her work is finished. She says she doesn’t believe that her better half should remain with a manipulative mother and says he needs to conclude whether he needs to remain with her or his manipulative mother.

Surya asks how might she call Suhani as manipulative. He shows his life as a youngster things saved by Suhani and inquires as to whether she still thiks Suhani is manipulative. Gehna says Suhani is catching him. Surya says in the event that she believes him should pick either her and his mom, he will pick his mom and conclusion all the friendship with Gehna and separate from her. Urmila opens the fundamental entryway and stands stunned hearing that. Gehna says she has seen numerous andh bhakts/blind aficionados dislike him, she inquires as to for what reason might he at any point see reality. Surya says she caused him to understand that he is an ill-conceived kid, and so on. Suhani begins her acting and requests that they quit battling and let her go from the house all things considered.
Surya adulates Suhani’s penance and says Gehna will take off from the house all things being equal.


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