Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 28th May 2022

May 28, 2022: Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today Episode Start with Gangoba saying we thought the two of them passed on in the mission. Ahilya says no, they got harmed, however Khanderao and I took them to a mystery place and got them treated, even Vaid had no expectation that they will make due. Khanderao says we couldn’t say whether they can come here to give articulation or not. Tukoji says it implies you were with Ahilya in this arrangement. Khanderao says OK, the consultation went on. Ahilya says I trust Shiv ji, he shows his wonder, I took time and went to see them, Vaid treated them and got them to cognizance. She met them at the Vaid’s home. Vaid says the two of them got cognizant. Srihari folds hands seeing her. FB closes. Khanderao requests that Srihari tell the darbar, for what reason did he seize Bhola, on whose word. Dwarka and Parvati come to meet Gautama. Parvati sees Yashoda and embraces her. She cries. She says I can’t survive without you and father. Yashoda says OK, every young lady suspects as much, later on they fail to remember everything due to spouse’s adoration and Sasural’s warmth. Parvati says I don’t have a lot of trust from my marriage. Yashoda inquires as to for what reason are you saying this. Harku says each young lady is strained in light of the fact that marriage. Yashoda says I will encourage her by showing the garments and adornments. Parvati says I m prepared, however couldn’t say whether Khanderao can come for the marriage or not. Khanderao requests that Srihari reply. Srihari begins hacking. Gunu ji says he looks sick, we will take his assertion later. Ahilya says I realize this matter isn’t devil than his life, Vaid ji is additionally here. She calls the Vaid. Vaid treats Srihari. Khanderao asks might Srihari at any point stay here and give proclamation, does he have any issue. Pandit says no, he is fit. Ahilya says we know your wrongdoings, simply your reality can reduce your discipline. Srihari says we hijacked Bhola for cash. She asks on whose colloquialism, who paid you cash. Srihari names Kailash. Kailash stresses and guards himself. Lakshmi says Kailash advised us to turn into Bhola’s phony family members and take him, he will give us much cash. Kailash says they are lawbreakers, darbar shouldn’t trust them.

Ahilya says darbar shouldn’t trust anybody, yet you, for what reason is everybody taking your name. Kailash says they are simply stigmatizing me, Ahilya can effectively substantiate herself right. khanderao yells enough, remain in your cutoff points, you are charging her, she can do nothing that overcomes reality. Lakshmi gives the assertion against Kailash. She says we are not lying. Gautama says Khanderao is here, just sit back and relax. Parvati says I can’t conceal my concern from my mum, he is in the castle yet he is never with me, he is simply with Ahilya. Harku says you are saying this when your marriage is in two days. Parvati says Gautama has picked me. Yashoda asks what’s wrong. Gautama says I additionally need to be aware, what happened today, for what reason are you crying. Parvati falls in her feet. She says you will end up being my mum in two days, could I at any point ask you something. Gunu ji flies off the handle on Kailash. He says you needed to kill Renuka and Bhola, and you picked me for supporting you, I fly off the handle on you. He begins acting. He told his contingency plan to Kailash. Kailash signs him and gestures. Parvati says I have no bearing in Khanderao’s life. Gautama says its nothing similar to that. Parvati says let me say, I simply need his two days, might you at any point give me that. Gautama guarantees her that it will occur as she needs. Dwarka grins. Kailash concedes his wrongdoing. He says I didn’t maintain that Renuka should embrace Bhola. Khanderao calls the gatekeepers. Kailash is captured. Ahilya says you have offered the guidance that Renuka embraces a kid from the family, presently Kailash’s wrongdoing is acknowledged, is there any issue now in reception.


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