On Wednesday, in the ongoing online teacher training program at UIET Institute of Kurukshetra University, the Director of UIET Prof. CC Tripathi inspired teachers to overcome the problems of the present day through the Internet of Things. He said that mobile apps have been developed to maintain social and interpersonal distance to protect against Kovid-19. This causes the mobile danger to ring immediately when the mutual distance breaks. This will increase awareness among people and people will be able to follow social distance easily in case of lockdown ends.

He asked to develop a program based on IoT. So that health workers and doctors can see the real-time body temperature and shadow picture of the camera and thermometer without touching the patient and inspect the patient’s health status. In the event of infection with the development of this app, the patient will take his own temperature and throat shadow picture with the appropriate equipment and detailed information can be communicated to the doctor through internet. With this, doctors will be able to give their health information to the patient from a distance.

Dr. Kulwinder created online classroom,
UIET’s assistant in computer engineering. Due to the lockdown, Kulwinder Singh is preparing the online classroom with digital technology to teach the students.


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