Pandya Store 25th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Pandya Store 25 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 25th June 2022

June 25, 2022: Pandya Store Today Episode Start with Suman says we won’t lie for 10 lakhs, get Shiva here assuming that he is alive. Raavi says I can feel Shiva is invigorated. Shiva says I need to get a handle on my feelings, I can’t come here generally. Rishita says you can be off-base. Raavi says no, I felt him in the room as well. Dhara thinks I additionally felt a similar yesterday. She reviews the bangle vender. She says I will just come. She sees the bangle merchant. Shiva sees her approaching and takes off.

She requests that he stop, for what reason is he taking off. Shiva leaves his cycle and runs. She gets him and sees his face. A vehicle disregards by sprinkling water him. Shiva leaves. He thinks sorry, you needed to stress as a result of me, however I can’t come before all of you at the present time. Dhara reviews Shiva. She says he was Shiva, else how could he take off this time, I will figure out reality. Prafulla gets a pandit home. She requests that he serenade mantras, Shiva’s apparition shouldn’t go into her home. Shiva comes there. He feels parched. He goes to hydrate. Prafulla goes to get gangajal. She sees Shiva in the mirror and yells phantom, save me, pandit ji. Pandit likewise gets terrified. Shiva says she won’t allow me to hydrate. Prafulla sits asking. She runs outside. Dhara asks what occurred.

Prafulla says I have seen Shiva’s phantom in my home. Dhara asks where, I need to see him. Prafulla says my home. Dhara says wow Shiva, you picked Prafulla’s home to stow away, where no one will question. Prafulla goes to Pandya house and yells Raavi. She embraces Raavi. Suman asks what occurred, did she see a phantom. Prafulla says OK, I have seen Shiva’s apparition. Suman asks what rubbish. Prafulla says you have sent his phantom after me, don’t feel terrible, we will keep a puja, I have seen him in the mirror. Raavi reviews the man’s words. Dhara gets down on Shiva. Shiva hears her and gets stressed. He says Prafulla got Dhara here, in the event that Dhara sees me, I m gone. Shiva runs through of the window. Dhara sees the window open. She says somebody leaped out of here. She gets the bangle merchant’s garments there. She yells Shiva. Suman lashes out on Prafulla.

Prafulla says I have seen his phantom. Suman chastens her. Prafulla says I will stay here until you do the puja. She sits on the bunk. Suman lifts the bunk. Raavi says I will converse with Maasi. Prafulla expresses gratitude toward Raavi for saving her. Raavi asks where did you see him. Prafulla says I have seen him in the mirror, believe me. Shiva conceals his face and runs. Dhara pursues him. She says he was simply here, where did he go. She strolls before a rhythm. Shiva sees this and rushes to save her. Dhara gets stunned seeing Shiva. Rishita and Raavi actually take a look at Prafulla’s home.


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