In the Corona era, the terror of Pakistan is not deterred by plotting against Pakistan. ISI has made a plan to hack the phones of Indian soldiers through fake Arogya Setu App. Security agencies have issued a guideline for the soldiers of the Indian Army and Paramilitary Forces.

In fact, the fake version of the Arogya Setu app launched by the Indian government to fight the coronavirus has raised the concern of the Indian Army. This fake app is made in Pakistan. According to the news of news agency PTI, security agencies have warned their soldiers about this.

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Security agencies said on Wednesday that a mobile application similar to the Arogya Setu app has been created with the aim of stealing sensitive data. Officials have said that the link of this fake app can be found on WhatsApp via message to the user or via SMS, through email or other social media platforms. The guideline states that all security personnel go to the authorized website (mygov.In) to download the Arogya Setu app on their phones.

The method of identifying fake apps is also mentioned in the advisory. According to which during app download, fake app asks user permission to use internet and install additional application package. Subsequently, it installs many other links such as Face Dot APK, IMO Dot APK, Normal Dot APK, Trucy Dot APK, Snap Dot APK and Viber Dot APK in the user’s phone.

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The official said that after this the user’s phone is hacked. This virus helps the hacker to know the information present in the user’s smartphone and the activities of the phone. Information taken from the user’s phone is saved in the command room. According to the officer, this command room is located in the Netherlands.

If you also have any such gender in which there is talk of downloading the Arogya Setu App, then be careful while opening it. In the advisory issued by the security agencies, all the soldiers have been asked to be careful while opening suspicious links on social media and email on their mobile phones. Also, they have also been asked to update anti-virus.


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