Security agencies have warned soldiers and paramilitary forces to launch a mobile application similar to ‘Aarogya Setu app’ by Pakistan with malicious intent, saying that its purpose is sensitive information To steal. Officials said on Wednesday. It has been said in a consultation that this fake app can be obtained by the user through a message on WhatsApp or via SMS, via email or through internet-based social media, through a link.

In this, it has been suggested to the workers that they should download the Arogya Setu App from the official website According to a copy of the consultation obtained by PTI-Bhasha, “The fake app asks the user to use the internet while downloading and to install additional application packages.”

It states, ” Later, this malicious link puts (installs) Face Dot APK, IMO Dot APK, Normal Dot APK, Trucy Dot APK, Snap Dot APK and Viber Dot APK. ‘

A senior official said that after this, these viruses enable the hacker to know the information contained in the user’s smartphone and the activities of the phone. The information extracted from the user’s phone is kept in the command and control center of the app, which is said to be located in the Netherlands.

He said that soldiers have been asked to be careful while opening suspicious links on social media and email on their mobile phones. Also, they have been asked to update the Anti-Virus Guard. It is noteworthy that the government has introduced the Arogya Setu App to help people assess the risk of corona virus infection. The central government on Wednesday made it mandatory for government officials to download and use this app on their phones.


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