Nima Denzongpa 15th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Nima Denzongpa 15 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 15th June 2022

June 15, 2022: Nima Denzongpa Today Episode Start with Later Manya imagines like taking sign from legal documents. Priyal sees it from behind. Nima deceives Manya that she has such a lot of attempts to do she will sign in it later. Priyal asks Manya what’s everything? Manya tells Priyal her child is everything to her. Manya plays a show again with Nima yet Priyal gets glad to see it. However, Nima imagines like perusing the papers Manya grabs it from her and leaves.

Later Sunita meets Virat and describes everything to him. He guarantees to help her and gives cash to her yet she denies it. He persuaded her to acknowledge it. He adds that Nima is his better half so he will do anything for her. In the mean time Manya gives the legal documents to Priyal and tells her she duplicated Nima’s sign in legal documents.

She will do anything for her child. Priyal imagines like embrace her and places spying mike in her pocket. Later Manya meets Nima and tells her Priyal begins accepting her our arrangements worked out. Nima requests that she be ready generally and plays this show for not many more days. Priyal believes it’s great she keeping an eye on them or, in all likelihood they wouldn’t have get found out. Nima tells her she will admit all reality to Virat. Priyal plans to stop them.

Nima meets Virat and going to share reality however she gets a call from Manya. She requests Nima to share nothing to Virat thinking Priyal took in reality. Virat asks her what’s annoying her? Nima believes on the off chance that she share reality with him, child’s life is in risk. She deals with the circumstance there and leaves. Virat imagines that she is in some difficulty. Later Nima sees Manya in crushed state.

Manya shows Priyal video to Nima where Priyal shared to Manya how could she figured out reality. She grievances that Manya admitted reality to Nima and she attempting to impart it to Virat. They are thinking Priyal is fool. She takes steps to kill her child assuming they plays shrewd. She will bring forth her child and send her to some ghetto or most exceedingly awful spot. Manya crushed by that video and imparted her sorrow to Nima. She adds that she can’t ready to find her she lost her child until the end of time.

Nima finds that Priyal shooted it in room. Time is plainly displayed in it she recorded it one hour before how about we think that she is out. Later Virat feels that certainly Nima is in a difficult situation that is the reason she is acting odd. He reminds all that and thinks something is off-putting that is the reason she attempted to share something to him. Virat calls her to realize what’s irritating her? Nima deceives him that she emerged to purchase things from market. Virat imagines that he could figure out what’s irritating her? Nima and Manya are looking for Priyal however they can’t ready to think that she is out.

Nima says that Priyal anticipating that they should look for her. Nima dials to Priyal from more peculiar’s number. Virat comes there and enquires them what are they doing here? Nima misleads him that she is here to meet her companion. Virat takes them back to home. He requests Nima to chat with her alone. He enquires her what’s annoying her? Nima attempts to deal with the circumstance and lets him know she will impart it to him when right opportunity arrives.

Later Nima persuades Manya to impart reality to Virat however she denies it thinking she will hurt her child. Mona comes there and enquires her where could Bimla be? She misleads her she went to meet her folks. Mona leaves from that point. Manya asks her for what good reason did she prevent her from uncovering reality from Mona. Nima grievances that Priyal is her sister so she will agree with her position as it were. How about we share this matter with Virat.

Nima requests that Virat make a mail ID for her in her telephone. Manya sneaks inside her space to take Virat’s telephone. Nima embraces him to redirect him and say thanks to him for everything. Manya contacts Priyal through Virat’s telephone.


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