Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9th August 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9 August 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 9th August 2022

August 9, 2022: Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode Start with Dev leaves from that point to go to one call. Yogesh thinks whose that individual available to come in to work. Kanika requests that he quit focusing on him rather actually look at that low class young lady. She has extraordinary errand today. Yogesh tells her that he arranged something extraordinary errand for her today. He requests that she finish the assembling project he will send her to get sign in it from Sathyavathi.

In the mean time Amba visits Dev house and gazes his photograph cheerfully. She imagines that she was infatuated with him for most recent 15 years so she could come here to meet him frequently. Sathyavathi comes there and welcome Amba joyfully. Amba tells her she is here to give desserts to her. She offers to her they gave girl to them so it’s their obligation to give desserts to her parents in law. Amba tells her they are family members currently so no need of this customs.

Vidhi comes to Kanika’s lodge. She was sorry to Kanika for being late to office. Kanika tells her that office has specific guidelines and guidelines. She could keep her reliability here or probably they will fire her thinking she is simple an understudy here. Yogesh shares with Vidhi it’s significant assembling project record. They needs Sathyavathi’s sign in it right away. She requests that she get her sign in it. Vidhi asks them Is she working here as well? Kanika tells her that she won’t come to office assuming there is no significant work. She requests that she get sign in it from her home.

Vidhi will not go there thinking she don’t have consent to go there. Yogesh requests that she quit acting like 10 years kid and construct certainty there. Vidhu gestures to him. She requests that Ananya assist her by imparting Dev sir to lodging adress. She will not help her. Indra tells her that driver will drop her there and get. In the mean time Driver drops her in Dev’s home. She express gratitude toward him and gets energized.

Sathyavath requests that Amba stay there yet she pardons her by saying she want to go to one significant gathering. She tells her lets eat together thinking Dev will likewise go to it. Amba tells her she will go to it. Vidhi gets shocked to see the inside. She slams into Amba there. She was sorry to her for not really looking at her. She specifies Amba as mrs. Raichand. Amba feels so glad to hear it and requests that she notice it frequently.

Vidhi makes reference to her name like that. She asks her why is she here? Vidhi advises her that she is here to take a sign in document. She is working in Dev’s office. Amba requests that she get sign from Sathyavathi she flags worker to take her close to her. Later Vidhi takes Sathyavathi’s sign in document. She asks her Is she new to office? Vidhi gestures with her. She adss that Yogesh and Kanika are Dev’s closest companion and they are extremely gifted people. She may be gain everything from them. Vidhi guarantees her that she will gain everything from them. Sathyavathi requests that Vidhi take lunch with her.

Vidhi denies it thinking she took Lunch box with her. On the off chance that she don’t eat it then her mother will feel awful. Sathyavathi requests that she have her lunch box with her at any rate. Vidhi gestures with her. She gets astonished to see the assortment of food there and asks Sathyavath when will others comes to get together with them? She tells her she will not eat this much. Vidhi and Sathyavath have great talk one another. She tastes Vidhi’s food and commends it. Simi comes there Vidhi reminds her as Dev’s little girl. She lets Simi know that she is working in her father’s organization. She tells her his father organization is in kitchen.


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