Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 8th August 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 8 August 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 8th August 2022

August 8, 2022: Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode Start with Bimla tells her she reaches to the perfect locations in the wake of losing her way. Seema tells her she is glad for her sister. Seema requests that she give a treat to her after she got her most memorable compensation. Bimla tells her she will give it in her second compensation since they want to purchase great garments for her in her most memorable compensation. Vidhi tells her that she has sufficient garments inside the Almira. Hariprasad tells them nobody going to take her cash here. All her compensation sum will be fixed in the bank. Bimla gestures with him.

In the mean time, Dev gets back to home and enquires worker about his relatives. She illuminates to him that Abhimanyu didn’t get back to home yet. Ria hit up go to the party. His mother rested early. He stays there to take food however he feels desolate. He will not take food and leaves from that point. Vidhi serving kheer to Seema and erroneously it’s tumbling down when did Bimla called her. Seema requests that she quit upsetting her she is gradually emerging from her concerns. Vidhi takes care of desserts to her energetically. They hears somebody ringing the sanctuary chime.

Bimla admonishes Urmila for ringing the ringer in 12 PM. She grumblings to her it’s Matha’s resting time. Urmila tells them that they are talking this much for little things and stay silent in their missteps. Urmila shares with them that she will uncover to all individuals about their actual face? Hariprasad asks her what did he fouled up? He sent his little girl to work in office to construct her transporter. It’s on the right track by any stretch of the imagination. Might it be said that she is discussing their family custom? Assuming that he send his little girl to school this custom will broke. In the event that his little girl go to work this custom will broke?

Whom said custom will broke assuming he do everything? Urmila asks her significant other for what reason did he staying silent in this? He asks his sibling how is it that he could break their customs alone? He could have examined with him about it in any event. Bimla tells them assuming this is their concerns implies she want to pose not many inquiries to them? Doesn’t they begin business? His better half runs a salon here yet nobody examined with them about everything. Doesn’t she breaking the practice of their loved ones? Seema adds that she was the one affront Vidhi before others she doesn’t be aware to cook by any means. Urmila asks them on the off chance that they need cash for what reason don’t she help her in her Beauty parlor? Small scale comes there supporting Vidhi. She asks her for what good reason did she offending Vidhi like this? She is her relative right? Urmila tells her that she can work in her Beauty parlor right?

Small tells her that she is working in a major organization and she is getting 15k each month. Yet, she won’t pay this much for anybody in her Beauty parlor. Urmila gets shock to hear it and asks her whom offering such large add up to this deadbeat individual? Hariprasad tells her he can’t ready to acknowledge this word from her. He sent her to work there to change this disposition of her. It’s his home and hus little girl. He will take all choices in her day to day existence he don’t require anybody consent in it. He requests that she leave from here and let them live calmly.

Urmila cautions them that she won’t leave this matter like this. She requests that the neighbor leave from here. Vidhi embraces her father in satisfaction. In the mean time Dev converses with Chithra in telephone. He sees his mother stressed over something. He asks her what’s annoying her. She offers to him that both Abhimanyu and Ria are acting most awful. Step by step their relationship getting into issues. She has no clue about how to change them? Dev guarantees her he will change everything quickly. In the mean time Vidhi attempts to wear sari yet she doesn’t have any idea how to wear it? Seema is additionally helping her however they proved unable.

Bimla comes there to show her how to wear it? Seema acclaims search in sari. She implores god Bimla takes care of desserts to her and requests that she be cautious since she is wearing sari interestingly. Vidhi offers to Seema that they are getting late for office. Urmila sees her wearing sari and requests that she assist her with sending this things to store. Vidhi denies it thinking she will get late to office. She guarantees her to send it in night.


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