It has comedy as well as action. And also have two mothers. One hero’s and the other heroine’s. But after all this, the question arises that what is there in the film? So the answer is that it is difficult to answer ‘what is’ apart from laughter.

Most of the action scenes are also from the film’s heroine Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar’s action scenes come at last, just for two-three minutes. Prabhudeva’s film also has a hero-heroine dance. But he does not have the strength nor does Prabhudeva’s mark on him. Yes, the positive side of the film is that it has many beautiful natural scenes from abroad. There are panoramic gardens of Nargis and other flowers. The film takes a tour of Punjab, Goa and Romania.

Akshay Kumar plays the character of a young chieftain named Tarhi Singh, who lives in a village in Punjab and has fun all day. The distraught father (Yograj Singh) sends him to his friend in Goa to do a job there.

The man with whom she gets a job assigns her to take care of a girl named Sarah (Amy Jackson) who has come from Romania. Sara has a badass Mark (KK Menon), who lives in Romania, and wants to forcefully marry her. After this, the whole film rests on whether the whole will be speed or mark. One might ask what Lara Dutta is doing in this film. His work is that of an interpreter. Since Sara does not know Hindi and Gahi does not know English, Emily (ie Lara Dutta) keeps telling them both what they said to each other. That is to say that Lara Dutt has now been cast in a character role.

The film rests on the funny accent of Akshay Kumar and that is why there is plenty of opportunity to make the audience laugh. The view of the lion being left open in the zoo is vulture. But the emotional aspect of the film is weak. Sara comes to Goa from Romania to find her mother and they also meet.

But all this is shown so briefly that it does not have any emotional impact. Rati Agnihotri is the mother of Akshay Kumar. The film does not connect with Akshay Kumar’s earlier film ‘Singh is King’. There is a similarity between the two in just two ways – in both, Akshay Kumar plays a Sikh youth and both of them turn around in the last scene of marriage. Amy Jackson has not spoken a word in Hindi. If this is the condition then how long will they last in Hindi films?


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