Arogya Setu App People are using Arogya Setu App as armor in the fight being fought against the corona virus. The Prime Minister appealed to download the app on April 14, after which people in the state are also continuously downloading the app. Currently, 9 lakh 88 thousand 826 people are using this app in Uttarakhand.

Arogya Setu indicates the level of risk from the corona. This app based on the information given in the Self Assessment Test, information like diseases and your location, how much risk of corona you have. Whether you need a test, a doctor or phone consultation. There are also state and central helpline numbers on the app. Not only this, it also keeps giving you live information related to Corona through tweet feed.

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It keeps using your location and Bluetooth to check if there is any infected person or potential infected around you. Also gives alerts and notifications about the possibility of contact with the infected person. Rather, an e-pass section has also been added on it.

According to the Chief Officer Operations, Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, the Arogya Setu app updates with all kinds of information about the corona virus. It also gives a message of alertness about physical distance. It also indicates the person’s level of risk. In this way, more and more people have been appealed to download this app.


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