Mere Sai 30th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Mere Sai 30 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 30th May 2022

May 30, 2022: Mere Sai Today Episode Start with Sudama lets Sai know that he is stressed over orchestrating cash for marriage thus I fell debilitated. Sai says for what reason didn’t you come clean with them, do tell they unquestionably will comprehend. Laxmi says he has overstated so a lot and deceived them. Sudama says Laxmi this is the way world works. Sai says don’t stress we will find a way and Laxmi will be hitched joyfully. Sudama says however I wull need to really buckle down. Sudama feels jubilant, Sai says Sudama now is the ideal time to learn persistence.

Sadashiv and his significant other stroll in Dwarka, he takes gifts from Sai and says I can’t completely accept that you are infront of me. Bhiva says Sai he assisted us with bringing Dada here. Sai favors Sadashiv, Sai sees an injury on Sadashiv’s head and wipes his tears. Chandu says they genuinely have confidence in you Sai and were standing by to see you. Sadashiv says I am blissful, I saw my God. Sadashiv presents his better half Mira and says I am here to serve Sai enthusiasts, with Sai’s gifts I am doing well overall and I simply need to serve Sai. Truck rider asks Sadashiv to unboard his baggage, he needs to leave.

Sadashiv gets his assets and gifts Sai an umbrella with gold and silver weaving. Sai says I care very little about gold and silver, Sadashiv says kindly acknowledge it I am giving it first time. Sai says keep it to the side. Sadashiv packs it and keeps it to the side. Sadashiv says I need to serve here for not many days permit me. Sai says serving my kin is serving me and Jiva he will remain at your home. Bhiva says my home is little house. Sadashiv says that doesn’t make any difference, we will acknowledge anything that comes our direction, Sai ‘s bliss is my joy.

Balvant stowing away and running from individuals attempting to hit him, individuals get him and begin hitting him seriously. It gets blustery, individuals quit hitting as they can’t see, Balvant sees Sai stroll through the tempest and he strolls to Sai and falls in his foot and requests to save him. Balvant awakens and acknowledges it was only a fantasy. Kusum races to him and asks you look stressed what’s up, Balvant says you go take care of your responsibilities. Balvant thinks how could I fantasy about asking Sai to save me.

Balvant leaves and sees Kulkarni tormenting an unfortunate person for not returning his cash, he asks Kulkarni for quite a while, Kulkarni says I allow you 2 days more and on the off chance that you don’t return my cash with revenue, your property will be mine, he asks Kulkarni and falls in hia feet, Kulkarni kicks him, Balvant recollects his fantasy.

Kulkarni wlks to Balvant and gets some information about Sai, Balvant figures how can he know and says I dislike you to simply contemplate Sai, Kulkarni says you look irritated in view of Sai and I have heard you never free yet he is like that, he in all actuality does some dark enchantment and individuals follow him yet I have never acknowledged rout or terrified of Sai. Balvant says I do as well, and simply stand by and watch my best course of action, nobody might have never educated of it. Kulkarni says can allow me to say whether you want anything, since you know my power here. Balvant says do you figure out show, what you do is simply show in any case assuming it brings satisfaction go on yet one day this dread will end and you will free control yet in the event that you use cerebrums like British government does, you never free and I don’t require help in this part since I realize I will win, and you will before long perceive how Sai wnd Shridi locals twist infront of me.

Baizmaa sees the umbrella skilled by Sadashiv, Sai says Baizmaa occupation of umbrella is to save you from intensity and downpour. Baizmaa says valid, yet Sadashiv seemed to be a decent individual, and he was cheerful even after you kept gift to the side, such individuals are interesting. Sai says you are correct.

Bhiva’s better half asks how might we serve visitors, they look rich how might we serve them Khichdi. Sadashiv hears them talk. Bhiva says Subadhra Sai has sent them so there should be some explanation, Subadhra says how might we serve them food, Bhiva says I will credit some staple and on the off chance that Sai has asked us, let us do.

Sadashiv asks Bhiva where is he going, Bhiva says to get nourishment for you, Sadashiv says I want to have puran poli and Amras with dry organic products. Bhiva says I am sorry I can’t bear the cost of this, I would like to yet can’t, yet I will attempt to get however much I can. Sadashiv says I see such huge stash and you say no cash, Bhiva says it has no cash should be a few pennies. Sadashiv says don’t lie. Bhiva says let me show you, he picks and sees the stash is full and is stunned, he breaks the stash and stunned to see all the cash.


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