Mere Sai 14th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Mere Sai 14 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 14th May 2022

May 14, 2022: Mere Sai Today Episode Start with Swadeshi merchandise development starts in Shirdi.
St Nick Banta tell Balvant, Balvant blows up and says watch out for everybody and let me know if anything occurs.

St Nick Banta follow townspeople joining Swadeshi development.
Everybody gathers British merchandise in one spot. St Nick Banta illuminate Balvant about it.
Uddhav shares with everybody, British think we are week however by consuming these products we will demonstrate serious areas of strength for how are and light every one of the merchandise. Balvant strolls there, and hears locals fight.

St Nick and Banta talk about how irate Balvant was after Swadeshi development and they fail to see what Balvant says. Kulkarni sees them. St Nick Banta get frightened. Kulkarni says would it be advisable for me I advise you, that you work for me, you are my worker, and charge me for this, Balvant will leave sometime however what will happen when he leaves. St Nick Banta say we are confounded, we can’t deny him, he is visitor and greater than you. Kulkarni slaps them and say do I look bad, futile go get what Balvant is talking about with his group.

St Nick and Banta hear what Balvant is examining. Balvant surveys a message from British to stop swadeshi development.

Kids tell Sai they consumed english products and asks is he not cheerful. Sai says go put off the diya with dhup, Prahlad says how might we put off fire with fire. Sai says you are doing same with British. Ragini says however we ought to challenge treachery, Sai says you did by not utilizing the merchandise but rather consuming them isn’t great, I could have done without it, it would be better if you could give those products, there is such a lot of difficult work to make merchandise yet are squandered at this point. Ragini says you are correct, wr see now. Sai says to make change, acknowledge Swadesh however don’t consume British products

Balvant says I never have lost and never will and whoever participates in swadeshi development they need to uncovered the outcomes, I will advise you from where to begin.

St Nick Banta enlighten Kulkarni regarding conversations Balvant had, they tell him, Balvant has gotten something from British yet we didn’t have any idea. Banta says something Telegram. Kulkarni says that implies letter, this implies British has communicated something specific and Balvant didn’t examine about that with me.

Bilal strolls to Sai, and says I need to converse with you, Sai says tell me. He says I was generally behind examining and never had companions or near family members and afterward when I went to see my companions… .
( Bilal meets a companion, he gives him laddu made for his dad to Bilal, yet Bilal gives him address, companion lashes out.)
Bilal shares with Sai I let individuals know what I have realized however they blow up. Sai expresses take a gander at the tree its actual exceptional. Bilal thinks I am here with issue and Sai is discussing.

Kulkarni shares with Balvant, for what reason didn’t you enlighten me regarding British letter, Balvant says it was for authorities. Kulkarni says I am true here to I am head of Shirdi, Balvant says become acclimated to it on the grounds that Shirdi is presently influenced quite a bit by and I can deal with it. Kulkarni says like you took care of Swadeshi development, Balvant says that was one slip-up and it won’t rehash. Kulkarni says it will be rehashed in light of the fact that Sai is behind this and I am battling its since quite a while and I am capable. Balvant says I have dealt with Mumbai which has numerous such Shirdi and I needn’t bother with anybody’s assistance. Kulkarni flies off the handle ober Balvant’s response and he recollects Sai’s assertion that he will rebuff him, Kulkarni says I am head here and won’t surrender, I will show Balvant who is lord here.

Sai shares with Bilal, this blossom sprouts just around evening time, Bilal says enough, I am so stressed and you giving me address. Sai says you were and are doing same.

Balvant passing by school and says I need to show them a thing or two, this school runs on British cash. Balvant sees Sai conversing with Bilal. Sai clears up for Bilal his concern and to contemplate others feeling and regard their sentiments to acquire trust and make companions. Bilal says I was unable to see such little thing, thankyou Sai and leaves.

Sai sees Balvant and expresses ponder townspeople feeling, since you find it right don’t drive and really at that time there will be harmony.

Srikant showing kids, paper is conveyed. Srikant says kids lets read paper. Balvant picks paper and expresses Kesari in rhis school. Srikant says OK showing kids nation is significant. Balvant says British track down this as psychological oppression. Srikant says I couldn’t care less. Balvant says this is government school and this paper is boycott in this school, this shouldn’t come here once more, additionally yesterday those garments consumed, government is furious, and these children are guiltless thus to safeguard them I am making new regulations, there won’t be any country or opportunity related things in this school and in the event that it rehashes this school will be closed down and their future is in your grasp now.


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