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Tv Network : Zee TV

Telecast Time : Mon-Fri , 10:30 PM

Episode Title: Sunanda To Prove Ananya-Gauri Are Same

Live Air Date: 23rd March 2020

Episode Written Update: Manmohini 23-03-2020 Episode Start with Amar reveals to Sunanda that last time, Ananya had come to him on her own feet. Sunanda says that now, he was beaten for her; Ananya must recuperate completely now. He should keep on asking as for whether she recouped or not.

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In the room, Amma ji and Rekha won’t let Mishra ji leave. They get some data about Sunanda’s hankering. Mishra ji tells the women that Sunanda trusts Ananya and Gauri are same individual; and she needs to show this before Amar with the target that he treats Sunanda well at this point. Rekha and Amma cheer that on the off chance that they show this before Sunanda, Amar will give them advantage. Mishra ji thinks about whether he was misled.

Shiv attempts to apply treatment on his harmed body. Gauri goes to his room, she instructs him to agree with a particular position. She demands watching his physical issue. Shiv was hesitant yet Gauri herself takes off his shirt.

She moves toward Shiv for what real clarification he got his biceps, Amar is his logically youthful family yet he gets beaten by him. Shiv says he is continuously arranged kinfolk, and has kept up himself well. Gauri feels bewildered. Gauri by and by draws nearer to apply the treatment at his arm.

Shiv looks warily. Gauri before long undertakings to pull his shirt from his back. Shiv hops. She gets some information about whether he didn’t feel any disapproval daily or two back. Shiv apologizes, yet she cries noisily that he just considers her an error. Shiv reveals that he proposed to state, she is a pal. Gauri feels humble.

Amar strolls around Baba, who was considering. Baba asks concerning whether he came to get a few information about Ananya. Amar was shocked and asks how he came to know. Baba says that witch in all likelihood influenced him. He was disturbed with Amar that he paying little mind to everything looks at the witch.

No characteristic things are gotten if an individual doesn’t have the conviction. Amar consents to look at Baba. Baba mutters in his ear that the witch is up to this point keeping an eye out for them. Amar glances around. He discovers Sunanda behind a divider and handles her neck. He occupies not to save Sunanda.

Baba explains that assurance is the best way to deal with advance, when its unimaginably critical issue. Amar heaves Sunanda on the floor and alarms her to avoid his Baba and his issue. Amar leaves. Baba sits other than Sunanda and says it shows up she has harmed somebody brutally, and it’s the karma.

Shiv recognizes that Gauri was invigorated at their affiliation. She asks regarding whether she talks something dormant and he breaks the participation. With a grin, Shiv answers that he has a standard in family relationship. He finds a decent pace an open heart, and talks seriously to any of his pal.

He minds nothing in fellowship, and predicts the proportionate. What’s the reason behind kinship in the event that he can’t give a riddle to the accomplice? Gauri was restless to know a riddle by at that point. Shiv examines with her that he is worried for Ananya. He saw her caution, in any case considers how to tell Amar. Gauri despised Shiv for considering Ananya, while become colleagues with her. Shiv demands her to remain quiet.

Sunanda strolls around the antechamber. She figures she should bring the genuine substance of that Baba before she loses Amar. She goes to address Shiv.

Gauri pardons her face from Shiv. He beats on her shoulder and apologizes, promising he won’t take her name once more. Gauri shows that she doesn’t concur so no issue in any way shape or form. At whatever point she is irritated, she needs a grip from an accomplice. Shiv was bashful yet she gets a handle on him decidedly. The cover pulls off her face and she cheers.

Sunanda had appeared at Shiv’s room. She watches Ananya and Shiv in a grip and was stunned. Ananya understands her face had been revealed. Sunanda goes facing her clearly somewhat more. Despite what she does, she won’t be spared. She has adequately viewed as of now.

Shiv looks towards Gauri, by then goes to Sunanda. Gauri asks as for whether she is crazy, she had pardoned her face a day or two earlier. Sunanda guarantees she won’t turn her face today, since she comprehends it is Ananya under the spread. She chastises Shiv to ask her capacity her spread. She will do anything if this isn’t Ananya. Ananya examines where has she been gotten, how to spare herself now. Shiv goes to Ananya.

Ananya begs Mahadev for security. Shiv place a hand behind her, by then reveals to Sunanda that she won’t evacuate her spread. He knows well that she is Gauri. Sunanda shows that he doesn’t. Ananya is astute. Shiv says Ananya is unstable, yet Gauri is immediate; she is offended each time they request that her expel her cover. He figures out how to call Amar in any case.

Sunanda leaves the room. Shiv asks Gauri in the event that she is fine, he is there with her and nobody can even touch her, till he is her accomplice. His biceps aren’t futile. Gauri chuckles, and handles Shiv once more. Gauri legitimately leaves the space to get some regular air. Shiv grins feeling revived.

Sunanda cries in the segment thinking about Amar and his abuse. She imagines that now she will bring Amar. He will now himself see that Ananya isn’t in her room. Ananya had hopped in her room through the window. Sunanda hears the means and returns. She looks through the window. Ananya was there in her bed. Sunanda remains there and chooses to end this game at this point.

Shiv takes the remedy in her room. Ketki goes into the room blindfolded and searches for Shiv. He was fair-minded. Ketki hits the affection seat, and asks with respect to why everything comes as an obstacle. She came to apply sedate on his wounds. Shiv urges her to relax close to him. He asks with respect to why she has tied this dull surface on her eyes.

Ketki says she wish to wed him, and that Baba said she should blindfold herself; he will wed her. Shiv didn’t recognize that Baba. Ketki gets a few information about his wounds. He says it’s there on his arm and shoulder. She all things considered applies the medication as should be clear a ton. Shiv discloses to Ketki that it’s sufficient, as Gauri applied its extra segment.

He has recognized an anguish executioner as well. He leaves for explicit tasks and urges Ketki to keep on resting. Ketki was exasperated over Gauri who had come as a deterrent on her way.

Baba and Amar were in the room. Baba says they will begin his third proclamation. Amar was orchestrated and remains on a solitary foot with his choices obliged. Baba occupations diminish marble sand stones underneath his feet. He slips over the marble balls. Baba says the more he falls, more are his odds to get his reverence. Amar falls the ensuing time, and says he will purpose of certainty break his bones today. On his third fall, Baba perceives Amar.

Sunanda comes to take Amar along. He might not have any desire to go with her, and urges her to leave. Sunanda persuade Amar that this Baba is misleading him and tormenting him deliberately. He won’t need do this. Baba considers what she has seen now. Amar reveals to Sunanda that every last bit of her confirmations are constantly sneaked past. She pulls Amar along.

Amma ji calls Rekha to bring sustenance for her. Rekha brings the plate. Ketki hits Rekha who falls over the plate and bed. It floods the bed. Rekha gets Ketki and beats her gravely.

Sunanda brings Amar to the room and says here Ananya is. She urges Amar to call Gauri now. Amar asks with respect to for what valid reason he should call that youth now. He mumbles that it shows up he should call a guide. He calls Gauri to the room.

Ananya inconspicuously acknowledges that today, Amar will evidently comprehend that he is Amar. Shiv comes to Amar and asks with respect to whether he has something to do, as Gauri is in her room. Amar sends Shiv to keep on calling her. Sunanda goes with Shiv, while urging Amar to remain here. Shiv pounds at the section and asks why she won’t open the entryway. Sunanda says Gauri is Ananya, she isn’t there in the room.

Shiv thinks this is inconceivable. Amar remained in Ananya’s room, cautiously watching her. Sunanda and Shiv come back to the room. Sunanda smiles that Ananya’s down is over at this point. She just came back from Gauri’s room who didn’t open the entry. This displays Ananya is Gauri. Sunanda asks Ananya to wake up. They know her alright beginning at now. Today, she will effectively wake her up. Amar observes cautiously.

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Sunanda says now Ananya will be in danger for whatever happens now. She takes a sharp edge from a department, and perceive its handle penetrating her arm. Shiv persuades Amar to stop her, Ananya may bomb wretchedly. Amar urges Shiv to remain quiet and let the show win. Blood straightforwardly flood out of Ananya’s arm and spills on the bed sheet. Amar feels the torment.

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