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Tv Network : Zee TV

Telecast Time : Mon-Fri , 10:30 PM

Episode Title: Baba Proves Himself In Front Of Amar

Live Air Date: 17th March 2020

Episode Written Update: Manmohini 17-03-2020 Episode Start with It was morning. Shiv leaves shower and hurls the towel on his bed. Gauri was there on his bed and asks in case she appears, apparently, to be a material hanging catch. Shiv encourages her to leave his room. She fixes herself on his bed. He endeavors to pull her out of the bed yet she demands to work her feet somewhat; as indicated by his kin’s bearings.

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Shiv was weak and plies her feet. Her laughs irritated Shiv. She by and by pulls her tidy up with the ultimate objective that her legs are half revealed, and acknowledges the back rub.

Ketki was crying in the room. Her family comfort her. Ketki asks Amma to examine her palm, if Shiv is there in his predetermination. Rekha cries that her better half couldn’t think about her, and is continually after Sunanda. Amma ji had her upsets of losing her significant other and kid both. Ketki decides to keep away from them two ladies, and goes to take help from Pappu Baba.

Sunanda goes to Amar’s room. She pulls his ear plugs off. Amar looks that her terrible lead is extending. Sunanda alerts Amar that Baba and the youngster are both deceiving him. He may lose Ananya if he relies upon that Baba. Amar was angry and slaps Sunanda, and exhorts all her proposal to herself. It’s his issue, he will manage it.

Sunanda says he is being vainglorious and will mourn. He played out an extreme practice, did Baba educate him concerning any result and Ananya. She encourages Amar to ask that Baba by then. Sunanda leaves the room, Amar follows.

There, Amma ji scrutinizes’ first experience with the world chart. Rekha decides to show the birth blueprint to Pappu Baba. Rahul says, Baba is Amar’s Baba, and they are only his workers.

Amar and Sunanda go to Baba’s Pooja room. Amar gets some data about Ananya’s condition. Baba says she ought to be better. His appearance almost certainly worked, that is the explanation Shiv submitted such a huge oversight. Amar thinks he is right. Baba offers to continue to watch out for Ananya’s condition.

Sunanda says they will in like manner go with him. Baba by and by addresses Amar that he recently expected to stay away from this witch, Sunanda; else he will go out. Amar agrees to do as indicated by Baba’s longing and didn’t require him to leave.

In Ananya’s room, Baba jolts the gateway. He was pushed what he ought to do now, Ananya is there with Shiv, as Gauri.

Sunanda and Amar reach outside Ananya’s room. Kamal was stressed what he ought to do now. Sunanda convince Amar that something is certainly misguided. Amar uses his charm to open the portal. Sunanda and Amar were paralyzed that Ananya and Baba were not in bed. Sunanda confirms that this Baba is deceiving him. Amar yells, Ananya!

Rekha cries watching her couple phone with Mishra ji. Her life partner is lost and crazy after the witch figuratively speaking.

Amar and Sunanda show up at the dull space to address Baba. Baba uncovers to Amar that brilliantly, Ananya came here at where he contributed his vitality for her. Sunanda thinks, there is something beyond question wrong; in what limit can Ananya recover out of the blue early. Shiv goes to the room yet Baba doesn’t let him talk using any and all means.

Amar encourages Shiv to stay calm. Baba uncovers to Amar that when he had left the room, he was bamboozled by someone. By and by he should take a U turn and return to his warmth. Ananya doesn’t communicate a singular word and leaves.

Sunanda inquires as to why Ananya is wearing an anklet that Gauri wears. Amar doesn’t let Sunanda follow her and rather slaps her. He says he has now appreciated, Sunanda needn’t bother with him and Ananya join at any cost. He needn’t mess with any more admonishes from Sunanda. Sunanda leaves. Amar withdraws from. Baba leaves.

Rahul comes to Amma ji and tells them Pappu Baba brought Ananya to conscious.

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Mishra ji place an ice pack at Sunanda’s neck. He censured Amar. He convinces Sunanda she should bear some distress, as people express ‘No Pain, No Gain’. Sunanda surveys Baba fallen on the floor, and applying fake mustache. By then Ananya wearing Gauri’s anklet. She thinks there is something inaccurately no ifs, ands or buts. Gauri, Ananya and Baba are a singular gathering.

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