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Tv Network : Zee TV

Telecast Time : Mon-Fri , 10:30 PM

Episode Title: Ananya In Gauri’s Disguise Makes Her Space In The House

Live Air Date: 16th March 2020

Episode Written Update: Manmohini 16-03-2020 Episode Start with Shiv was in the corridor. Ananya spills a bowl stacked with water over him. Shiv was washed in the water. He thinks Ananya doesn’t emit an impression of being harmed, and is essentially making simpleton of Amar. He goes upstairs to tell Amar.

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There, in a dull room Baba was with Amar and Chaya. Amar utilizes his appeal to make an enormous bar before him. Baba sends Chaya to get Shiv far from Ananya and gatekeeper outside her room. Amar lay on the ice bar when Shiv connects with him and tries to persuade him that Ananya is fine.

Amar wasn’t set up to trust in him, he shuddered in any case laid on the ice bar. Shiv chooses to go to Ananya and show him the check. Chaya made sure about outside Ananya’s room. Shiv looks through the opening and discovers somebody under the spread. Ananya had set a stunt of cushions under the spread. Shiv reveals to Chaya that Ananya isn’t inside the room, who she is guarding by at that point. Ananya whistles towards Shiv as he appears at the way.

Mishra ji brings grow plate singing Holi Hai to Sunanda’s room.

Shiv follows Ananya in the road. A man stuffs his mouth with Bhang.

Baba was moving in the room. Amar was brief that it’s just for Ananya, that the world is viewing Holi while he is freezing over the ice bar.

Shiv was squashed, and swallows another glass. An adolescent in cover shows up before him. He strolls around her, envisioning its Ananya. The adolescent continues forward the beat of drum. Shiv gets the drum now and pounds brightly. Both were filled in tints, as Ananya falls over Shiv.

Some time later, Shiv was in his bed filled in tints. The covered youth cries other than him, that she set down with a pariah. Shiv blends and was staggered at the crying adolescent’s quality in his room. The youth cries that her kin will be disfavored. She goes out, calling the family inside. Shiv shows up from his room, connecting his shirt.

Amar besides turns out. The covered adolescent portrays Amar the entire story of Bhang, Holi, and move and … She goes to get herself a glass of water and spills it over the floor. The adolescent reprimands Shiv for setting down with her and spilling her regard. She demands Amar to select her, she can never again go to her town; she is set up to do the house assignments for him.

Baba takes Amar aside and mutters that the adolescent can do what Ketki showed unfit. He should keep her in the house, and assurance Shiv rehashes his mix-up. So what when Ananya mixes following 11 days, she is left heart broken. Amar asks the adolescent’s name. She says she is Gauri. Amar urges Chaya to take her along, she will eventually live right now. Gauri was appreciative. Sunanda objects.

Amar says they should pick between constrained alternatives, he will be offended if Gauri notification to the world what Shiv did to her. Chaya takes the adolescent along. Sunanda was pushed by the youth, and otherworldly events who this Baba is.

Kamal thinks about whether Sunanda recalled that him. He bobs off his seat and backs up, hollering at the witch to avoid him. He calls Chaya for help. Chaya comes there to keep Mohini from Baba. Baba who had slipped on the floor, re-applies his phony mustache and goes into the room.

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From that point, Baba and Gauri were in Amar’s room. Amar offers her cash and pieces of clothing. She falls into his feet, and offers her voracity. Amar urges her to play her appeal on Shiv. He should not have the decision to see some other individual when around her. Gauri guarantees his work is finished. Sunanda gets this.

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