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Tv Network : Zee TV

Telecast Time : Mon-Fri , 10:30 PM

Episode Title: Kamal Writes A Suicide Note And Returns Home In Disguise

Live Air Date: 12th March 2020

Episode Written Update: Manmohini 12-03-2020 Episode Start with Shiv woke up and was surprised because Ananya not in bed. He looked around the room.

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In the corridor, Kamal said Sunanda he could do nothing, but he stands with his daughter and would not let him suffer. Sunanda slapped Kamal. He taunts he can not protect himself from the slap him, how he will fight Amar later. He holds his chin and said he was weak and always will be. She goes.

Late at night, Kamal crying in her room around sarcasm and mocking this Sunanda. He wrote a note, with tears and leaves it on the table.

Ananya Shiv watches in addition to the bedroom door and climbed through the window. Carefully, she moved to the bed. Shiv turned and put Ananya in bed, all covered with a blanket. He wondered he was not there, and how he appeared in the bed as well. He pulled the blanket and bent Ananya. He almost shouted at her to open her eyes, she would go and complain Amar that he was not in bed. Chaya these watches from the window, and when he found bent Shiv Ananya, he wondered what he was upto.

Sunanda do her makeup. Mishra ji standing at the door, half open. She let him in. He’s happy. Sunanda asked what news he brought. Mishra ji Kamal opened the letter from the table.

Kamal wrote, he found himself helpless at this time. Daughter suffered and he could not do anything. He would commit suicide.

Sunanda said Mishra ji go now. He would have parched the famous Banaras this, as Holi.Here Chaya Amar upstairs. He was irritated, and use its power to firmly shut his mouth. When released, he said Amar how Shiv bent Ananya indoors.

Shiv Ananya tried to get up. Amar pulled behind and slapped him. Shiv surprised. Amar he told Shiv to take care of him, how dare he touch her. Shiv explain not like that, he’s really good and awake. injunction against Ananya appearance, but do not believe Shiv. Amar said he did not open his eyes once, how Shiv see him awake. Ananya secretly think she was sorry but she is helpless and can not help Shiv.

Amma and Rekha in tears reading the suicide note Kamal. Mishra ji comes down to it, enjoying the sweet. Mishra ji says it does not matter even if Kamal died, he was there to take care of the family. Amma ji and Rekha angry and beat her with a stick.

Amar is hope. Shiv Amar said he was not in the room when he went outside, but then he returned to find her back in bed. Amar uses his power to get a lasso. He does not believe Shiv rather than beat him badly. Ananya moved every attack. Shiv leaves the room as he suffers. Amar followed him outside.

Sunanda was in his room. Mishra ji came, bruised and beaten. Sunanda laughed and asked who is playing like Holi him. She was still smiling. Mishra ji said she had decided to get some mangoes for her from the tree, but had a great fall. Sunanda call such loyalty as Tommy. Mishra ji happy to be a dog.

Shiv try to stop Amar as he continues his shot from the lasso all the way down. Shiv trampling furniture and fell off the couch. Shiv Ketki suffer this pain. Rekha forcibly sent him because they could not risk their own welfare.

Amar continues to badly beat Shiv almost fainted. Amar is now replacing lasso with a sword. He decided to kill her extra intelligence, because they can not protect Shiv now. Before he can strike a sword, and parents come there. He has a toy drum in hand and wearing a tiger print, red hat, long beard and held Trishol. It Kamal disguise. Baba Amar same call of God, it is their duty to obey her every wish. He’s here to ease out the way Amar, and will get him the girl he loves. He took the sword from his hand, placing it on the table. Amar doubt and question how he knows about love.

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