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Tv Network : Zee TV

Telecast Time : Mon-Fri, 09:00 PM

Episode Title: Rhea Makes A Dangerous Plan Against Prachi

Live Air Date: 3rd February 2020

Episode Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 3-2-2020 Episode Start with Prachi asking ranbir for what good motive could he say he’s apprehensive? Ranbir says he needs to recognize her answer as soon as. Prachi says answer is yes. Ranbir is surprised and opens his mouth. He famous to her that he wish and expectancies that her circle of relatives like him. He says this isn’t timepass for him and he’s severe approximately it. He says he got here here to restore the whole thing.

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Prachi asks what is wrong and says there may be not anything in you, on the way to be desired by way of all. She inquires as to whether or not he is discussing advance papers and asks him no longer to assume the reward to intrigue her family. Ranbir inquires as to whether she become discussing this. Prachi says yes. Ranbir requests that her hunt file and says i can sit outside.

Prachi says alright. Rhea says people will say that prachi is a characterless younger woman. She says we need to do a little paintings and could make her mms, for you to be viral in faculty and could be with all people at that factor. Sanju giggles and says this is a first-rate concept. He says i will embody prachi and kiss her. He at that point says in the event that i kiss her, however she won’t permit me kiss her. He inquires as to whether or not she will be able to spiked her beverage. Rhea requests that he close up and tells that the man or woman and young lady received’t be you and prachi, but any other individual.

She says prachi’s face could be converted in it. She says while prachi cries, at that factor you want to present your shoulder to her. Sanju values her thought and says as soon as she receives offended, at that factor she can acknowledge me. Bittu says why prachi will say that the young girl inside the video is prachi. Rhea says people will be given on what they see. Sanju gets a few facts about the younger woman and fellow. Rhea says i understand one such younger female and she or he will carry the man or woman along with her.

Pragya sees ranbir and aryan tragic and thinks shahana may also have said something to them. Shahana figures she didn’t utter a word. Sarita behen likewise questions about shahana. Pragya inquires as to whether shahana stated some thing. Aryan says no, tells that ranbir is feeling the loss of his mum. Prachi comes and keeps document on the desk. Ranbir takes the record and leaves. Prachi asks them, why they may be searching disturbed. Pragya thinks what took place which i used to be unable to comprehend.

Sanju discloses to rhea that she isn’t the form of young lady who has affections for all people. The young female and her sweetheart come there. Rhea acquaints them with sanju and bittu. She says i called all of you here, with the purpose that nobody sees us or listen us. She says i can provide you with the coins you requested. The man or woman requests 50000 rs. Sanju asks how prachi’s get dressed will come. Rhea asks him no longer to strain and tells that she can get her get dressed from her domestic and grins.

Aryan and ranbir speak about prachi and rhea. He says you succumbed to prachi as rhea requested which you abhor her. Ranbir thinks it is his responsibility to tell rhea concerning his affections for prachi, as he had proposed her formerly. He calls rhea and tries to communicate along with her, however rhea says she is occupied. Pragya takes a gander at abhi’s p. C and tells that their little lady is enamored with ranbir and says he is a hero.

Abhi additionally thinks rhea adores ranbir and gives this with pragya’s p. C. He trusts rhea might had been just like prachi then he could have enlightened her concerning pragya. Rhea takes prachi’s dress from her home and figures nobody can spare her now. She thinks i counseled you in the main, yet you didn’t song in. She says i’m able to’t percentage ranbir with every body and want to recover my ranbir. She thinks i need to make you tumble down in his eyes and ship you to hoshiarpur. Ranbir thinks he’s in chaos and thinks he had proposed rhea, but he adores prachi.

Aryan comes there and says them don’t consider your feelings. He says i got here to steering you. Beeji comes and inquires as to whether or not he’s kidding about her high-quality child. Ranbir says aryan said that i am now not marriage material. He solicits what type from folks are those? Beeji says marriage material individual is skilled, information and conscious. Ranbir inquires as to whether or not i’m marriage fabric? Beeji says certainly, from head to toe. Pallavi grins and requests that he entire head message, says on the off chance which you get white hairs, at that factor no young woman will wed you.

Ranbir says no. Pallavi says young girls like dark hair fellow. She says you want to don’t forget slightly any matters to get hitched. She requests that he get head message first. Ranbir requests that her back rub his head. Pallavi sits and rubs his head. Ranbir requests that her deliver her gyan. Pallavi says gyan no. 1. Younger women like such individuals who bolsters them in horrible events, tells that lifting weights doesn’t deal with the young girls. Beeji says younger women like geniality fellow. Pallavi says gyan no 2. She says young girls like actual man or woman.

Beeji says at the off chance that you lie, at that factor it will for all people’s development. Ranbir inquires as to whether young ladies are inquiring for. Pallavi says honestly, yet they’re altering as well and says bathe her existence for you, the young women overlook the awful functions of the oldsters and don’t plan to convert him and spot all the fantastic characteristics within the man or woman. Aryan takes the chronicle. Ranbir considers prachi and grins. Mann pole magan plays… ..

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