Tonight on the Kapil Sharma show, acting stars Satish Kaushik, Anupam Kher and Pankaj Tripathi are going to come together. Colors TV has shared a promo featuring the show’s judge Archana Puran Singh and the funny things between them. Kapil Sharma, while sharing this promo on his Instagram account, wrote, ‘If you have not seen this, what have you seen?’

It can be seen in the promo that when all actors are entered, then Archana Puran Singh is dancing around her seat in a beautiful dress. Anupam Kher (who worked with Archana Puran Singh in the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’). Anupam Kher was playing the role of Principal Malhotra while Archana Puran Singh was portrayed as Mrs. Briggenza, praising Archana Puran Singh , ‘you look nice.’ In response, Archana says, ‘Love you Malhotra, love you’

Satish Kaushik goes to Sharma looking at Archana Puran Singh and says to Kapil, ‘Hey man, where did it come from? You know Kapil, she was my 34th crush. Anupam Kher says that if we say that we all leave here. Anupam Kher tells Kapil about Satish Kaushik, “I have known him for 45 years, so much praise for him. I did not say a word of thanks to me before introduction.” Satish Kaushik says, “Kapil, one thing about friendship must be taken care of,” friendship is not friendship unless you betray a friend. ”

The show’s comedian Kiku Sharda is seen joking around with the cast. He says to Pankaj Tripathi, ‘You used to sell kattas in Mirzapur, well you were not in Bahubali.’ When Pankaj Tripathi asked the reason for this question, Kiku Sharada said, “Had he been in Bahubali, he would have sold Katappa too.”

Comedian Krishna Abhishek has appeared in the promo as Amitabh Bachchan. He tells Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik that seeing him reminds him of his film Suryavansham. Then comedian Chandan Prabhakar says, ‘Whatever Bachchan sir, suppose I am talented with you’. Amitabh-turned Krishna Abhishek asks him, ‘Tell me one thing you can do, not me.’ In response Chandan Prabhakar says, ‘I can perform in every episode of Govinda, can you?’


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