Kaamna 30th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Kaamna 30 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 30th May 2022

May 30, 2022: Kaamna Today Episode Start with There is a biker remaining out and about holding up he begins riding it when Yatho steps out and about, Yatho is looking on the opposite side, Sakshi mam makes an honest effort to forestall the mishap however she gets tossed to the opposite side and the biker hits Yatho on the head, Sakshi mam races to his side, she is sobbing hysterically mentioning individuals for help as her child is truly harmed however at that point it is delighted he is Anarug, he thinks the whole arrangement destroyed on the grounds that he wanted that Sakshi avoid the youngster yet presently she has gotten significantly more near him.

Vibhav goes into the house when Yashoda Dadi questions where is he going since her supervisor is occupied in a gathering, Vibhav shouts then he will hang tight for her chief, Sakshi mam guarantee she won’t let anything happens to him, she demands the driver to drive quick so they can arrive at the emergency clinic in time, she makes an honest effort calling Manav yet he is a gathering and not in any event, noting her calls, she demands him to reply yet he doesnot answer for a spell Yashoda dadi is looking toss the entryway. She by and by demands him to drive quick. While continually making an honest effort to arrive at Manav asking for what reason is he not noting the calls.

Vibhav gets a call from Anarug, shouting Bajpayee has done a genuinely horrendous arrangement as to save Holkar enterprises he is going to his own child., Manav remains before Vibhav who shouts he has accomplished something due to which his name ought to be set in the Guniees book record, as he kept Vibhav hanging tight for over two hours. Manav answers this was not him but rather his work subtleties so Vibhav has one moment, Vibhav shouts his group has concluded that they should stop their own plans and union both Kapoor development alongside Holkar businesses as the offer costs would build a ton, Manav answers he has squandered his one moment as Holkar ventures won’t keep any connection with Kapoor development, in clear words it is a major no from his side. Manav seeing the time asks Dadi is she taken care of Yatho when Dadi answers he didn’t return till now, Manav calls the driver who comes making sense of that he went to the school however arrived at somewhat late and at that point he was no place to be seen, Manav gets baffled addressing what kind of conduct is this so requests that Dadi search for his telephone, she figures out how to carry it to him, he gets stunned seeing the missed calls of Sakshi mam. Manav asks for what reason did he not hear them, so he attempts to call Yatho who doesnot reply, then, at that point, he even beginnings calling yatho, Meera seeing the time leaves.

Sakshi mam is in the clinic when the medical attendant requests that she sit tight for quite a while. Meera comes o9ut asking what occurred, he answers yatho didn’t return till now.

Yet again ayesha comes running illuminating Manav that Yatho got in a mishap hearing which he can’t completely accept that it, he then attempts to call Sakshi who questions where is he since Yatho is in the ICU, Manav requests the name from the medical clinic and leaves in shock.

Akanksha pressing the gems when Bubbly shouts the chain is minuscule so wouldn’t suite her so she will keep it, Akanksha won’t let her referencing right now she has even less gems and requirements it all the more then her, seeing the current circumstances she would have to get them from her, Bubbly inquiries what is she talking about as she would before long turn into the proprietor of this house, she will get significantly more gifts however Akanksha answers even she doesnot know whether that day will come and she would be the proprietor of this house, Akanksha gets the call of Vibhav, she is stunned hearing that so questions the name of the emergency clinic yet Vibhav answers he is himself going to take her, the driver comes addressing for what reason did he not let them know that he wanted to kill yatho yet Vibhav flies off the handle inquiring as to whether he is distraught and says the two of them have never met, Mr Holkar hears them both talking.

Vibhav arrives at the medical clinic with Ayesha, he in shock gets some information about his child at the gathering the two of them hurry to remain outside the activity theater when Manav asks how could it work out, she uncovers what is happening. He is going to tumble down when they assist him with plunking down, Manav faults himself referencing it was his mix-up however he was occupied in his conference, Yatho had a go at calling him yet he didn’t respond to it and the vehicle likewise stalled, Yatho was stopping without help from anyone else so got in the mishap, Manav implores when Ayesha guarantees that Yatho would get better when Manav plans to head inside and when he will call yatho, he would sit while battling with him yet both Sakshi mam and Ayesha illuminate that he isn’t permitted to head inside.

Mr Holkar apologizes to the clients making sense of they need to end this gathering here since the child of Manav got in a mishap, hearing this the partners additionally shout that the family starts things out to which Mr Holkar is certain the proposition which Meera and Manav would have given will be as per their longings.

Manav is crying sitting outside when Akanksha and Vibhav come running, she questions him what had befallen her child, Sakshi mam makes sense of that when a kid is harmed the individual who feels the most aggravation is the mother, she is certain Akanksha would be a similar torment as Manav, the specialist comes out when Manav asks how is Yatho, he guarantees nothing remains to be stressed over on the grounds that he is in shock, Akanksha by and by inquires as to whether Yatho experienced any head injury. The specialist guarantees that essentially nothing remains to be stressed over when Vibhav shouts, he committed an error by trusting Anarug would do everything as their arrangement.

The specialist specifies simply two individuals can go to meet him immediately when Manav requests that Sakshi mam accompany him however she seeing Akanksha shouts she should go first, Akanksha is remaining with Manav when he makes sense of it was all his error since he was so bustling in his work that he didn’t go to get Yatho and furthermore didn’t go to his calls, Akanksha inquires as to whether he is understanding this mix-up now when their child is in the ICU, she specifies she generally took Yatho to the bus station in the first part of the day and even went to get him in the early evening, she doesnot know a solitary day when she committed such an error as when it connects with her child, she can never commit any error. Akanksha demands him to stop this self-importance as he is a great dad yet can never replace a mother.


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