Kaamna 24th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Kaamna 24 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 24th June 2022

June 24, 2022: Kaamna Today Episode Start with Vibhav stops her mentioning her to drink the espresso yet she sees him out of resentment, Vibhav believes that she has a misconception that she claims everything except he is the truly proprietor, all things considered, and would possess it actually soon however she is so possessive about Manav so he wants to take care of business.

Akanksha is strolling in the house supposing assuming her mom would have the option to persuades Manav, she think he has never praised any birthday without her so she should likewise go there.

Manav strolls into the house with Malti aunti when they all wish him blissful birthday and even wish him, Manav with a grin makes sense of this is the second time he was embarrassed, he begins commending with Yatho who demands him to stop, Manav says thanks to them for coming to the party, Yatharth demands for ten minutes referencing he will go with his dad who requirements to prepare for the party, Manav leaves with him mentioning for ten minutes.

Manav is halted due to the cloak that is over his head, he pulls it off and isn’t even ready to take his eyes of her, Sakshi mam is remaining before her, Manav is left shocked so he continues to gaze at her. Yatho calls him doubting how can his Sakshi mam look, he answers that she is looking truly lovely, Yatho calls her Patola when he concurs however at that point Manav asks from where is he realizing this large number of words, yatho specifies the web hearing that Manav makes sense of he feels that he would need to limit his use, Sakshi mam additionally grins when yatho shouts he might remove the utilization yet ought to simply acknowledge Sakshi mam, manav asks what did he say when yatho asks how might he accomplish his office work when the web is cut off. Yatharth makes sense of he can applaud him ordinary yet ought to simply commend his Sakshi mam.

Manav makes sense of that she deserve all the recognition as they can’t contend her today and she would doubtlessly win Manav makes sense of that he wouldn’t have the option to rival her, Sakshi mam says that he ought to request that his dad change the garments after which they would see who looks more wonderful, Manav is left aw struck as is going to go into the room of Sakshi however Yatharth illuminates that his room is on the opposite side.

Sakhi mam goes to see the value in Swati and every one of them for coming, she sees that both Mr Holkar and Ayesha are strained so goes to them inquiring as to for what reason did they not have anything to eat, mr Holkar answers he is fine and Ayesha needs to return early so she can accompany her mom.

Manav emerges subsequent to changing the garments when Yatharth lauds him, saying he is seeming to be the legend from a film, manav begins saying the discourse shouting they would have heard his name yet yatho says that he has not heard it, Manav plunks down so yatho requests that he hustle since he has found a young lady who will suit with him, Manav is going to see the current when he gets a text so goes to check it, Sakshi mam delighted she is going out so he wants to deal with the visitors particularly Mr Holkar and Ayesha. Manav leaves with yatho.

Manav and Yatho enter the party, karan request that Swati perceive how well is Manav looking as this is what they get after their own battle, Manav accomplished everything with his own will while there is Vibhav who simply flaunts his riches, Bubbly shouts for what reason is he contrasting their Manav jiju and Vibhav. That’s what swati shouts on the off chance that Akanksha had not cheated with Manav then her life would have been unique, Karan makes sense of that it is an exceptionally modest thing yet makes an enduring difference.

Akanksha questions what is he doing since the list if people to attend that he is checking was made on her request, she requests that he check her name when she uncovers she is Niharika yet similarly as she is going to enter the other gatekeeper stops her making sense of that he cautioned her to not actually come near this Bungalow. Akanksha demands them to allow her to go inside the party.

Manav is in the party when he sees Mr Holkar and Ayesha so goes to welcome him, Swati stops yatho addressing where is the ladies he has chosen to wed Manav since she really wants to converse with her, Yatho murmurs in her ear addressing assuming she would have the option to persuade his dad since this is the last opportunity that they would get. Swati inquires as to whether she is welcome to this party, Yatharth illuminates she is the person who has coordinated everything except he can’t track down Sakshi in the party.

Niharika is sitting in her home when Vibhav asks how would it be a good idea for him he manage the food since the caterers were requesting it, he is sorry saying that he took the choice to have the food conveyed among the poor without her consent. Vibhav makes sense of anything Manav did today isn’t right since he isn’t the supervisor of the organization yet has begun to feel that she wouldn’t have the option to run this organization without his assistance which isn’t by any stretch of the imagination valid, she should move in an opposite direction from him, Sakshi coming notices she realized he would be attempting to control Niharika mam, on the grounds that Manav isn’t that sort of an individual who might destroy the organization that pays him, and does Vibhav not understand what his world is, he asks her so she uncovers he is a termite who eats exactly the same thing which invigorates him, Vibhav attempts to caution her.

Niharika questions Sakshi what is she doing here, Sakshi answers that she simply needs to chat with Niharika alone thus Vibhav leaves. Niharika makes reference to that she doesnot have any affections for Vibhav so Sakshi should not stress, Sakshi answers that Niharika jee isn’t tolerating it now yet she actually cares deeply about him. Sakshi makes sense of that she has come to take her to Manav’s birthday celebration since everybody is pausing and even Ayesha is truly miserable without her mom, Niharika and Manav both are a group which alarm Vibhav since he knows just Manav can destroy his arrangements so he is following the strategy of Divide and rule. Niharika thinks for this situation she would need to additionally reinforce her kinship with Manav.

Ayesha gives Manav a gift, he in fervor makes sense of that today he will get a great deal of presents, Mr Holkar grins however Manav says thanks to her platitude he didn’t get the gift which would make him generally cheerful and she can give it to him. Ayesha doesnot see so asks him, he demands her to grin for him. Malti aunti takes the gift from Manav, he demands both Ayesha and Mr Holkar to encourage prior to uncovering he has an arrangement, he calls Yatho thus they generally hurry to begin the party.

Akanksha is standing when she sees that Niharika and Sakshi both have shown up to the party, she is shocked seeing that both her foes are together, Niharika stops Sakshi so she arranges a red velvet cake for Manav, Sakshi answers that she has proactively heated it yet Niharika makes sense of she could not have possibly eaten a more delicious cake then it.

Niharika and Sakshi both enter the party, Ayesha promptly grins seeing her mom thus races to embrace her, Manav grins seeing that Niharika has at long last shown up, Ayesha uncovers that Niharika needed to wish him for his birthday, he answers he is happy that she came to the party as they all were truly strained without her, Sakshi begins getting desirous seeing them together. Yet, she then, at that point, pulls Yatho for the dance and even Manav goes along with them both, but Yatho rapidly leaves. He remains close to Ayesha flagging how their arrangement would succeed.


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