Kaamna 14th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Kaamna 14 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 14th May 2022

May 14, 2022: Kaamna Today Episode Start with Manav questions for what reason did she keep the gathering when his ex is coming to meet his child, Akanksha makes sense of that she has come in the wake of talking about with his dad so for what reason is he acting in such a manner, she demands remaining and holding off on leaving until his dad returns home.

At some point prior, Manav is with Yatharth in the vehicle so encourages him to not play and just go the ground, had he felt that Sakshi mam could get injured, Yatho thinks she is sorry as his expectation was not to hurt her. Manav gets a text of Akanksha who advises him that she is coming to meet Yatharth, Manav inquires as to whether Yatharth isn’t concerned in that frame of mind of his mom saying she is coming to meet him however he should not be stressed since his dad would constantly be close by. Yatharth doesnot answer so Manav questions when Yatharth answers he is the two his mom and father after which he doesnot need any other person in his life. Manav answers and, after its all said and done she has the sets of the court, Yatho questions why is he permitting her now, it is on the grounds that Sakshi mam has gone out and he no longer possesses energy for his own child, Manav answers he is currently crossing his cutoff points yet Yatharth answers for what reason does he need to pay attention to such orders, since he is a youngster and is being constrained so would need to meet the terrible mother, Manav reproves him, Yatho answers he has likewise crossed his cutoff points yet Yatharth dismisses out of frustration.
Sakshi mam is tidying the house, she thinks when Manav shouted he doesnot realize what might happen when she leaves, she raised the worry with Manav that even Malti aunti is working with the kids, she believes that Manav feels she can’t continue on while it was truly simple for him so she will likewise fail to remember every last bit of her recollections, Sakshi goes to Malti aunti addressing assuming she requested that Manav persuade her for the subsequent marriage, Malti aunti answers that she just requested that he demand her to come to the conclusion about her future life. Sakshi questions for what reason did she ask him, Malti aunti answers it is on the grounds that she doesnot pay attention to her, Sakshi answers Manav had the option to persuade her as she is prepared for the subsequent marriage, hearing this Malti aunti stands up in energy.

Manav out of frustration questions Neha for what reason did she orchestrate the gathering when his ex is coming to meet his child, she answers this gathering was set seven days prior, when he asks then for what good reason is it not in his scheduler, she didn’t even considered affirming the time with him, Neha answers she asked Holkar sir who makes sense of he consented to the gathering since he figured Manav would be free, Manav answers that he previously missed the primary day of Yatho, and he is feeling downright terrible in light of the fact that it has happened two times and he doesnot even like Akanksha, so he doesnot know how he will respond. Mr Holkar requests that Neha attempt and push the gathering forward 60 minutes, she answers this would give a terrible picture of the organization when she leaves after he demands, Manav out of frustration shuts the journal.

Vibhav begins chuckling shouting that she is the truly bothering the CEO, Neha says he is only her supervisor while she is truly working for him, she felt terrible as he was truly strained, Vibhav might have felt truly decent in the event that he saw her face as, he could build her reward, Vibhav guarantees that her reward would be expanded as the pressure of Manav increments.
Manav is welcoming the authorities when he takes a stab at calling Akanksha yet she is in the middle of partaking in the music in the vehicle thus doesnot answer his calls, he likewise has a go at calling Yatho yet he at first finishes the call yet addressing it questions what worked out, Manav illuminates that he is trapped in a gathering however his mom is coming to meet him so he is the super kid of his dad so should serious areas of strength for stay, briefly gets stressed and closes the call. Mr Holkar calls Manav making sense of that they all are hanging tight for the CEO.

Akanksha going into the house calls Manav requesting that he come since she has brought a ton of chocolates for him, but he doesnot even open the entryway, the specialist makes reference to he is the house supervisor of Manav sir and when she gets some information about yatho, he uncovers Yatharth is in his rooms. Akanksha thumps on the entryway calling him, Yatharth opening the entryway specifies he has previously conversed with his dad who guaranteed of arriving in some time up to that point she can go to the lounge room, he shuts the entryway all over when she answers she has taken the authorization from his dad yet he doesnot answer, Akanksha gets incensed making sense of that she won’t leave until Manav returns, Akanksha is stunned to see the place of Manav shouts he doesnot merit this house, yet says this is only for a couple of days after which Manav would be in the city, she has a go at calling Manav yet he doesnot answer when the chief comes inquiring as to whether she want anything, she doesnot answer so he demands her to advise Mr Kapoor to ensure their compensations come on time when Akanksha inquires as to whether they get compensated by the Kapoor development, she requests that he forward their subtleties on this email after which she will check what she can do yet he should comprehend that his loyalties ought to generally be as an afterthought that pays them.

Yet again akanksha strolls to the room shouting she has been holding up since the past thirty minutes, she takes a stab at considering Manav who closes the call which disappoints her as she suspects he is showing the demeanor in the wake of becoming CEO, Manav apologizes to them for the unsettling influence, Akanksha then, at that point, tosses a few pictures from under the entryway figuring this would finish her work, Yatharth begins seeing them reviewing every one of the recollections enjoyed with his mom however when he recalls what she has done thus shouts that he truly can’t stand her.

Manav is in the gathering when Akanksha enters remaining before him, she begins yelling at him when he questions the gatekeeper for what reason did he permit her to come inside, he illuminates she came in any event, when he took a stab at illuminating her. The financial backers make sense of they ought to have gotten all free from the issues in the existence of their CEO prior to organizing the gathering when Manav takes a stab at mentioning them to stop however they don’t tune in, Akanksha continues to fault them, Neha enters yelling assuming she has the smallest thought the misfortune their organization will endure since every one of the financial backers have left, Vibhav grins thinking Akanksha is great at the show and Manav should prepare himself since he has sent a rocket by the name of Akanksha towards Manav.

Yatharth is tearing all of the photographs shouting he loathes Akanksha a ton as she demolished their family, he makes reference to they were truly cheerful before this new position of Manav yet presently everybody is removed and even Sakshi mam doesnot embrace him any longer, he consumes all of the photographs.


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