Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 24th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 24 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 24th June 2022

June 24, 2022: Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki Today Episode Start with Radha Krishn plays… .Radha sits in he truck. Kanha gets mournful eyes and lets Balram know that he will satisfy her desire to become Radha Rani. Yashoda inquires as to whether the bullock truck is prepared. Vrishbhan says OK and gets some information about Nand. Yashoda says he went for work and requests that they hold on until they come. She inquires as to whether you really want to go to Barsana today, on the off chance that it is earnest and says assuming that you stay for additional days, we would be happy. Vrishbhan says even we need to remain, however we must go there, as there is Satyanarayana puja, I will be there being the mukhiya, and furthermore I had sworn. He says I won’t leave without meeting my companion and will sit tight for him to return. Kanha gets blissful and applauds. Balram inquires as to for what reason would he say he is blissful? Kanha requests that he stand by and watch, what he does. He says I have guaranteed Maiyya and Radha, that they will be familiar with me, it relies upon satyanarayana puja in Barsana. He says Radha will become Radha Rani.

Nand tells that downpour will begin following not many days, and that is the reason we will do Inder dev’s puja. Vrishbhan comes there and says we implore Narayan and do Satyanarayan puja. Kriti says we will appeal to God for you. Vrishbhan says we are appreciative to you, presently license us to leave for barsana. Nand says alright, I truly want to believe that we will meet soon. Yashoda requests that they come. Kriti says unquestionably.

Kanha lets Balram and Radha know that they will do Narayan’s puja for saving them from fire and Kaliya. He says when Radha would rather not become Radha Rani then what I can do. Radha says Kanha is correct. She lets everybody know that Narayan’s puja will occur. Kriti says Radha is a young lady and saying very much like that. Yashoda requests that she say. Radha says when the water was filthy, all of you appealed to Narayan, when everything turned out to be fine, when everything is finished by Narayan why don’t you do Narayan’s puja. Balram says so this was your creative mind. Nand says I concur that Narayan generally helped us and whatever great occurred here, is a result of him. The resident says we can’t furious Inder dev. A woman says we get the downpour and collect of the field because of Narayan. Yashoda says OK, it is Inder dev’s work to gives us downpour. Madhumangal says we will do Narayan’s puja, Inder dev will be blissful. Inder dev lashes out and says all Dev has his own place. He says even Devraj Indra is his own place, how might I be blissful, how might I give shelter assuming that Narayan’s puja is finished. He says it relies upon Vrindavan occupants choices. Nand concludes to do Narayan’s puja, which makes Inder dev incensed. Vrishbhan says I will satisfy my swear here, and will go to Barsana after Narayan’s puja. Nand says lets start the plans.

Kanha lets Balram know that this puja is expected to quiet down Inder dev’s self image. He gets out anything Radha said was correct, says lets start the puja. They start the courses of action. Inderdev is irate and says every one of the courses of action will go waste. Yashoda sees Radha making swastik on the pot and likes it. Rohini says kids are helping one another. Yashoda requests that Kanha get up from the spot, as this is Narayan’s place. Kanha gestures no. Balram expresses puja of Narayan or Kanha, it is same.


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