Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 14th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 14 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 14th May 2022

May 14, 2022: Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Today Episode Start with Jagannath supplicating in the sanctuary. The pandit admonishes somebody for not having a perfect heart. They all look on. Purvi requests that Jagannath come. He says you were saying reality, I have confided in Lord today and got a way, return home to Kusum, she will require you a way. He requests that Kashi accompany him, he has devil work, he needs to eliminate the odd individual from his life. Purvi is with Kusum. Deepa gets the nourishment for Kusum. She says you are misconception, I believed it’s an issue of not many days, we will remain together once Alok’s business is set. She cries. She says I confided in Alok. Kusum cries. Alok legitimizes himself. Kusum chastens him for the untruth. He says I have sold the production line for 40 lakhs, Gunjan has FDs of 15 lakhs, I will orchestrate the cash and free the house. Kusum requests that he take the papers, does he need to purchase his old guardians, he cheated and misled them. She says I feel embarrassed about myself, what befell you both. Alok and Deepa cry and apologize to her. Everybody cries. Kusum asks how might I excuse you, you both committed a major error. Jagannath returns home with the police. Kashi asks what occurred, are you fine. Jagannath says I had gone to police headquarters and documented a grievance against Tripathi, Isha needs to give the assertion. He asks her will she get frightened. She says I guarantee I m with you. He says the battle will go for a really long time, you want fortitude, Tripathi could do anything off-base, the peril has got high, Deepa can go to Delhi with Isha on the off chance that she needs however she needs to return for the assertion. Deepa says I will stay put, this is my home additionally, I won’t leave you both, I won’t let any other person grab this house. Alok says I m likewise with you. Jagannath stops him. He says I have recorded one more grumbling in the police, about the cheat and falsification, against Alok. They all get stressed.

Kusum says you grumbling regarding your child. Deepa says Alok is your child. Kusum says Alok is crying since quite a while, he has sold his plant, check these papers, he paid the cash, he said he won’t allow this house to get sold. He says he produced my signs, you know the discipline for this. Kusum says I don’t have the foggiest idea, guardians pardon kids’ enormous issues. He says perhaps a few guardians do, however my standards don’t allow me. She asks are standards pixie than your youngsters. He says he ought to have thought well prior to producing my sign. He reprimands Alok. Kusum says I overlap hands… Alok says leave it, don’t crease hands for me, he has compassion toward others, he is severe towards his own kids, on the off chance that I did a mix-up, I will bear the discipline, he is my father, I regard him, let me know what will occur straightaway. Jagannath says capture. Gunjan and Kusum cry.

He requests that Kashi call the assessor. Kashi goes. Police comes in. Gunjan says no. Alok insults Jagannath. He goes with the police. Gunjan folds hands. Jagannath says you are imagining that I m so stone-hearted, I did nothing off-base. He cries and goes to his room. He searches for an answer for get the house. Purvi says you got Alok captured. Kashi asks how would you get such a lot of fortitude, will Kusum generally pay attention to you. Jagannath asks where is Kusum. Kusum cries. Deepa and Gunjan console her. Gunjan says my father addressed an attorney, I will get Alok rescued. Jagannath comes and hears this. He says nobody will get Alok rescued. He asks what do you need Kusum. She says return me my child, get him at the present time.


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