Harphoul Mohini 27th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Harphoul Mohini 27 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 27th June 2022

June 27, 2022: Harphoul Mohini Today Episode Start with He tells her that he can construct 10 latrines. She asks him that for what reason he has not form latrine for herself and Shalini. Harphoul’s companion remains Harphoul about Balwant’s test. He requests that he not lose the land as a result of inner self. Harphoul says that he will not wed Mohini and leaves from that point.

Afterward, Mohini’s sisters and Harphoul’s companions intends to join Mohini and Harphoul. Mohini’s sisters deceives Mohini that Harphoul need to meet her to apologize with her. Mohini consents to meet Harphoul. Harphoul’s companions deceives Harphoul that Mohini need to meet him. Harphoul consents to meet Mohini. Harphoul’s Tauji hears their discussion. He illuminates everything to Balwant. Balwant lets him know that it ought to be Harphoul and Mohini’s last gathering.

Mohini apologizes to Harphoul. She argues him to not break their relationship and it ends up being his fantasy. Harphoul apologizes to Mohini and it ends up being her fantasy. Mohini and Harphoul meets. She inquires as to whether he need to say something. He tells her that she called him so he came. She lets him know that she didn’t call him. She says that everybody going to utilize that latrine and the latrine will shield Maai and Shalini from numerous infections. She inquires as to whether he truly believes that she accomplished something wrong.

He tells her that they can’t remain together without battling. She asks him that how he knows that. She says that they ought to invest energy to make this relationship fruitful. They moves from that point. He ponders that what he ought to do now. Tauji orders his person. A truck is going to hit Mohini however Harphoul saves her. Also, they falls into the boat. They stalls out in the net. He gets bothered and shouts. She requests that he remain quiet and eliminates the net. They shares an eye lock. Mohini’s sisters and Harphoul’s companions comes there. Mohini expresses gratitude toward Harphoul. Mohini’s sisters sees Harphoul’s physical issue and takes him to house.

Vijayan expresses gratitude toward Harphoul for saving Mohini’s life. Shyamala treats Mohini’s physical issue. Maai comes there and notification Harphoul and Mohini’s wounds and gets stressed. Vijayan gets some information about her choice. She approaches Harphoul and gets some information about his choice. He tells her that he can’t wed Mohini on the grounds that their characters are unique. She advises him that she and his dad were different as well. She lets him know that how his dad made her review and showed her mental fortitude and confidence.

She says that she actually miss her significant other. She lets him know that she imagines that his life will become wonderful on the off chance that Mohini went into his life. He inquires as to whether Mohini show disposition like Tauji said. She asks him that how might he accept Tauji who is working for Balwant now. She says that Mohini is great young lady and she has every one of the characteristics to turn into his better half. She requests that he think and tell about his choice.


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