Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th June 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24 June 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 24th June 2022

June 24, 2022: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Today Episode Start with Rajjo says our fate is terrible and we were unable to consider some way. Happu comes there with Beni and says it appears to be that this house will be locked. Dada ji apologizes to have bet which prompted sell her adornments. Happu lets Amma know that they will get exorbitant thing in Museum so will take it from that point. Amma says taking. Beni says I will likewise reimburse my credit with it. Rajjo requests that Happu take thing worth 50000 to pay her credit. Amma says even she has advance to pay of Rs 45000. She requests that he proceed to take. Happu says I am believing that you will take a stab at taking, as no one will question you. Dada ji inquires as to whether he is our child to request that you take. Amma asks happu, in the event that she made him auditor during the current day. She requests that he request that his significant other take. Rajjo says she is so lovely and individuals will question her. Amma inquires as to whether I am awful looking. Vimlesh says no one will get you. Rajjo requests that she proceed to take. Amma says it occurs in your mayka, and says they simply acquire by their hardwork. She says assuming that I won’t take. Happu genuinely extorts Amma. Rajjo says I concur with your child. Amma says take nothing yet, and don’t have experience like bahu. Rajjo says my sarees are absent from almira and asks who worn it and went. She says even desserts get absent from kitchen, assuming feline eats. Amma requests that Happu perceive how his significant other is charging him. Happu requests that Amma concur. Amma says alright, for this house regard. I will take. Rajjo says you will take like you take in the house. Amma says she began once more. Happu requests that she hush up.

Hritik apologizes to Chamchi. Chamchi says I generally upheld you, at whatever point you have done cheating, I informed at home just 2-3 times. Ranbir says I generally upheld you for wrong doings. Chamchi says we took Mummy’s signs else you wouldn’t have pocket cash. She says that person was calling me reptile and you was remaining there quietly. Hritik says even I was furious. Chamchi says Hritik was terrified of that little person. Hritik inquires as to whether he was little. Chamchi says I didn’t realize that you will show your back to us. Ranbir says he listens to us and afterward tosses of his ears.

The person again prods Chamchi calling her reptile. Chamchi says it appears you will be beaten today. The person calls her reptile. Her siblings come there. They say haddi pahelwan came, and says he isn’t apprehensive like her siblings. Hritik blows up and hits block on the person’s head. The person tumbles down. Hritik requests that he run from that point. Chamchi gets some information about that swear. Hritik says I broke it. He says he had beaten him to sace them. Chamchi and Ranbir lament to reprove him. They are blissful.

Amma comes to the Museum with Happu, Rajjo, Beni and Vimlesh. Amma tells that her hands are stirring up. Beni says in the event that you had drink prior to coming there, this could not have possibly occurred. Amma slaps him and inquires as to whether I am proficient cheat. She says I will leave. Rajjo requests that she recollect how she take cash from Dada ji’s pocket. Vimlesh says I have taken cash from Beni, and he knew nothing about it. Beni looks astonished. All at once Resham Pal comes there and expresses hands up. Amma says I sat idle. Resham Pal says you are thinking me wrong. Amma says she won’t ever come in Happu’s discussions and won’t ever come to this historical center. Vimlesh asks how could you come here? Resham Pal says he came to capture the supervisor of the exhibition hall.

Kat says this time PC will work. Kamlesh says lets take the cash and leave. Malaika says this work isn’t correct. Kamlesh says you need to hack the bank ATM and presently don’t have any desire to do. Kat says we need to do it for father and mother. Malaika says I disagree. Kat says we have no choice. Kamlesh says gives up inside, hack it and take off with the cash. Malaika says I won’t allow you to do this. Cops comes there and tells that the ATM is taken toward the beginning of the day. Resham Pal’s official tells that the director had proactively sold the cup and was tricking individuals keeping counterfeit cup. Rajjo says that cup was phony. Happu blows up. Resham Pal feels glad for Happu. Beni asks him not to come to Museum once more. Vimlesh says don’t bring the children here.


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