Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 14th May 2022

May 14, 2022: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Today Episode Start with  Happu and Beni keep on being grieved by blockage. Panshop proprietor proposes them to have a churan made for pony to clear their blockage. The two of them deny at first however at that point settle on his affirmation. Kat prepares to meet Kamlesh. Malaika stops her and cautions her to avoid Kamlesh as he is a peddler and its terrible for her standing in the event that she meets him. Kat cautions her not to show her as she is senior to her and says Kamlesh will constantly uphold her. Malaika challenges her.

Happu at police headquarters keeps on feeling uncomfortable. Manohar as expected insults him. Happu feels development of strain and surges towards restroom when official stops him not surprisingly and attempt to enter washroom before him. Happu as expected tosses 500 rs note on the ground and inquires as to whether it has a place with him. Magistrate says no and enters washroom. Manohar says magistrate isn’t ravenous. Happu says simply pause and watch and tossing 2000 rs note asks official it has a place with him. Official runs out and picks cash. Happu runs into washroom and locks entryway. Official yells at Happu. Manohar insults him that voracious is downright terrible and recommends him to ease himself behind the brambles.

Kat strolls to Kamlesh’s truck and converses with him. A man plays with her. Kamlesh wastes him and cautions him to dare not talk sick about his dearest companion. Malaika acclaims his Kamlesh good thought and says she is glad for his kinship. Kamleh says he will constantly uphold Kat. Malaika keeps lauding Kamlesh and leaves. Man returns uncovering Kamlesh recruited him to intrigue Kat and Malaika and takes cash from Kamlesh. Malaika and Kat return and notice that. Malaika then severely wastes Kamlesh.

Happu and Beni visit washroom in the wake of having churan. Family hang tight for themselves and plan how they will appreciate in Kusum’s wedding. Happu and Beni leave and illuminate that they are feeling significantly better at this point. Family celebrates hearing that. Gabbar calls Rajesh and illuminates that wedding is dropped as Kusum absconded with a laundryman’s child. Dadaji celebrates hearing that while family feels miserable. Happu and Beni keep on rushing to restroom over and again and decide to get payback from Kamlesh.


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