Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30th April 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30 April 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 30th April 2022

April 30, 2022: Gud Se Mitha Ishq Today Episode Start with Kajal sees Neel holding tight a tree by the edge of a bluff and takes off to bring help. Neel calls Kaju for help. Chavi blows up when Pari breaks things around and chides Nutan for bringing Pari. Pari detects Neel in a tough situation and runs towards entryway when she conflicts with Satyakam. Satyakam inquires as to whether she will push her goodman da light uncle. Pari rehashes she really wants to meet her Neel sibling. Kajal gets a rope from the vehicle seething that city individuals come here to kick the bucket. She ties rope around her, toss the opposite end towards Neel, and requests that he hold it and come up. Neel slips. Kaju battles to pull him up. Satyakam attempts to quiet down Pari and says he will take her to Neel. Pari panickes. JD sprinkles water all over. Satyakam defies JD. JD says when a creature gains out of influence, they need to do this to control the creature. Satyakam says Pari is a youngster and not creature.

Pari keeps arguing to allow her to go to Neel. Satyakam says he will take her to Neel. JD says she needs to go excursion with Neel. Pari says she feels Neel is in a tough situation and needs to save him. JD yells at her to quiet down and gets some information about Pari. Chavi removes Satyakam. Nutan and Daadi attempt to quiet down Pari. JD vents out his displeasure on Pari and orders that Pari will get back to Delhi.

Kaju battles to pull Neel up and begins dying. A couple of children notice her and illuminate Dhruv and Bhoomi. The two of them race to Kaju and pull up Neel. Dhruv reproves Neel for what reason did he go down. Neel says somebody pushed him down. They notice his hands wounded and go to bring treatment and water for him. Kajal’s abdomen drain because of rope injury and she squirms in serious torment. Neel expresses gratitude toward her for saving him and vows to be next to her at whatever point she wants him. Dhruv and Bhroom bring water and balm for Neel and remove him overlooking harmed Kajal.

Nutan and Rajath choose to get back to Delhi with Pari. JD demands them to remain back for their child’s marriage. Dadai demands to allow Pari to remain back with them. JD denies. Chavi backs him and says since its Dhruv and Bhoomi’s consideration, they ought to definitely stand out enough to be noticed and not Pari, so they ought to remove Pari. Pari keeps mumbling Neel. Chavi asks where is Neel.

Neel sees Kajal squirming miserably and strolls to her, leaving Bhoomi disturbed. Neel sees Kajal’s hand and abdomen injury and applies treatment on it. He then, at that point, says thanks to her again for saving his life. Kajal says they are pahadi/mountain individuals and think about visitors as god, so god shouldn’t thank. Neel demands to take her to specialist. Bhoomi gets more envious seeing that. Dhruv and Bhoomi get back and illuminate about Neel’s mishap. Rajath says Pari detected Neel in a difficult situation and subsequently was resolved to meet him. Daada and Daadi head Pari to Delhi. Specialist actually takes a look at Kajal and inquires as to whether she came alone. She gestures yes. Neel enters and says he brought him and he is her companion. Their nok jhok begins.


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