Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 30th May 2022

May 30, 2022: Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Today Episode Start with Sai’s legal advisor gives Sai’s bail papers to Virat and uncovers that as per Malhar’s posthumous report, he had polished off liquor before his demise. Samrat says Malhar probably finished with medication response with liquor. Virat energetically gets Sai out of cell. Samrat joyfully embraces her and says her sibling can’t be off-base generally. Sai embraces Virat next and requests that Virat not extra Jagtap who killed her Aabha.

At home, Ashwini will not have food stressed for Sai. Sai gets back with Virat and Samrat. Ashwini asks how is she and spoils her. Pakhi insults that Sai just got bail yet isn’t cleared of the homicide allegations. Bhavani hollers that Sai ought not be let inside home, yet her 2 guardians Samrat and Virat generally safeguard her. Virat says Sai will before long be absolved from the homicide accusations.

Jagtap with Vittal and his thugs attempts to stroll in. Virat cautions him to stop in that general area as it’s his home. Jagtap overlooks him and strolls in with his group, leaving Chavans in shock. Vittal sits on the fundamental couch and says Virat has a delightful house. Jagtap jokes on Virat. Sai cautions him to escape her home. Jagtap snickers that she has a major family. Sai cautions to dare not eye on her family and get out. Bhavani asks Virat who are they. Jagtap says Sai killed his sibling, yet can’t acquaint him with her loved ones. Samrat says Said didn’t kill his sibling, so he ought to quit asserting Sai.

Jagtap keeps kidding on Chavans and calling Bhavani as elderly person says he is Malhar’s sibling. Vittal says Jagtap needed to wed Sai. Jagtap furher uncovers that he killed Sai’s dad. Sai lashes out and yells at him. Jagtap strolls towards her when Virat, Samrat, Mohi, and Rajiv safeguard Sai. Jagtap chuckles and difficulties that nobody can save Sai from him. Jagtap takes steps to dare contact them and cautions that he will send them to imprison assuming they do as such. He pours water upon himself and says the specialist recommended him to pour water on himself to chill off. Karishma and Pakhi get apprehensive seeing him slapping his helper. Samrat and sonali solace them.

Omkar cautions Jagtap how dare he is to go into his home. Jagtap takes steps to wound him. Omkar gets apprehensive and shudders in dread. Vittal chuckles on him. Bhavani hollers that Sai’s old darling is compromising them. Vriat irately sticks Jagtap to a couch cautions him that when a devout man leaves his devotion, he couldn’t care less about hooligans. He yells at Jagtap and cautions to shoot him immediately. Jagtap snickers and says he is like him. Virat says he faces hooligans like him consistently and knows to deal with them, tosses him out of the house saying they will meet in the court.

Jagtap says he is coming from the court and provides court requests to Sai. Sai is stunned to peruse court requests to remunerate Malhar’s family with 5 crores. Virat solaces her and guarantees her that she needs to pays no remuneration assuming she is demonstrated honest. Jagtap leaves with his group. Pakhi and Bhavani begin faulting and hollering at Sai as expected for their concerns. Sonali backs them and cautions Sai to get Chavan family far from them.


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