Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd March 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 23 March 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 23rd March 2022

March 23, 2022: Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan Today Episode Start with A man holds her hand and says I need to converse with you. Pakhi says how horrendously awful of you.. I can call police. He says child don’t become frantic. He says come I will tell you. Agastya says keep away from him. Try not to converse with individuals like him. He’s alcoholic. Sit in the vehicle I will deal with him. The person says young ladies these days have an excess of demeanor. They don’t have the foggiest idea who I am. Agastya hits him with a seat. He chokes him and says I will kill you. Pakhi comes in and sees Agastya frantically hitting the person. He says how might you venture to contact Pakhi.. Pakhi says stop it Agastya. He will kick the bucket. Agastya says Pakhi tune in.. Pakhi says how could you do this? Agastya says he got into mischief with you. How could he be like that? She says who are you? That quiet person who halted me or this? He says listen Pakhi. Pakhi says I would rather not converse with you. She leaves.

Scene 2
Agastya comes to the hall. He sees the entryway open. Samir is inside. Agastya comes. He says how could you come this far? Did you attempt to run? Dadi says is there any good reason why he won’t attempt to run? Agastya is stunned to see her. Agastya says dadi if it’s not too much trouble, tune in. She says I can’t completely accept that you can do this? Agastya says dadi if it’s not too much trouble, tune in. She says how is it that you could stoop so low? Is this your existence? You did this to the young lady you cherish to such an extent? This is so off-base. He says dadi kindly tune in. I did this to get Pakhi. I did everything to get my adoration. He knew it all. He won’t allow me to wed Pakhi. What else could I do? If it’s not too much trouble, pardon me dadi. He sits in her feet. Agastya says I had no choice. I realize you love me the most. She says no. I can’t help you in this. Remove him from here in 2 days or I will take him out myself. You have just 2 days. Agastya says I can’t do that. Kindly attempt to comprehend. Dadi says I can’t help you in this. on the off chance that I didn’t conceal your little missteps this will not have occurred. Agastya says I did all that to get Pakhi. I did it for her. Assuming she figured out truth could she wed me? He won’t ever have any issue. I can’t deliver him. I will deal with him. He says uncle sit on this seat.

Agastya says I am not a terrible individual. Uncle tell dadi. I get his garments changed, get him best garments, get him best food. Tell her dadi. Dadi says would you say you are insane? Regardless of whether we keep a pet we give them love and opportunity. On the off chance that you don’t deliver him, tie me here too. I will not have the option to say anything to anybody however I can’t be important for your wrongdoings. Regardless of whether that off-base individual is my grandson. Agastya says I can never see you in torment. Dadi says you have just 2 days. I will tell Pakhi everything other. Discharge him. Agastya says kindly outfit dadi. I will do what you say. Dadi tells Samir I am extremely grieved. She pushes Agastya and leaves. Agastya hits divider out of frustration.

Scene 3
Pakhi returns home. Agastya comes to room. He expresses such countless things turned out badly in a day. Agastya says I became furious. I’m heartbroken. Pakhi says I felt as you don’t show some care. He expresses out loud whatever could I cause assuming anybody attempted to damage me? Pakhi says I could kill anybody? He says would do this to anybody who makes trouble with you. Pakhi says so you would kill individuals assuming they contact me?> He says OK I would. Pakhi says I am terrified of you. Who is this individual? You will not repeat the experience. He says I did fine. Pakhi says for what reason did you do this? Agastya says since I love you. he leaves. Pakhi sits in shock.

Scene 4
The following morning Shanaya tells Pakhi jeju really focuses such a great amount on you. He became irate. She says you would get terrified on the off chance that you saw him. She says it’s so heartfelt. That is what legends do. Pakhi says it’s not generally expected. I have known him for a really long time. It was insane. Is this alright? Did he conceal his outrage from me? Whenever I was conversing with him he said something very similar. Shanaya says he did this is on the grounds that he adores you a great deal. Daddy more likely than not seen his adoration that is the reason he contemplated your marriage with him. Pakhi sees Samir’s photograph.

Dadi tells Agastya you have very little time. He leaves. Agastya drives. He figures what to do. He contemplates what dadi said. He reviews his battle with Pakhi. He crashes his vehicle on a divider.
Specialist checks Agastya and says I have actually looked at him. He will be fine in a little while. I needed to dress the injury on his back. However, he said I can’t take his shirt off. He said he will do it without anyone’s help. Pakhi returns home. Mona says you fail to remember the world when you go to your mother’s home. Pakhi comes to room. He is applying medication on his back. Pakhi says let me make it happen. He says no I will make it happen. Pakhi says how lengthy will you stow away it from? Dadi let me know everything. He expresses out loud whatever? Pakhi says your mishap in adolescence. Try not to conceal your scars from me. I’m your dearest companion. He says no Pakhi. pakhi says don’t be timid like young ladies. Iév to deal with you. Pakhi applies the cream on his injuries. Pakhi says you rest. I will ask dadi what to give you in food.


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