Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th May 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14 May 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 14th May 2022

May 14, 2022: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Today Episode Start with Bhim Rao requested Barrister’s recommendation. Lawyers concurred with Ramji, Bhim Rao should zero in on his work and studies. He requested that Bhim Rao get a book structure the bureau. Counselor requested that Bhim Rao give it a read, it will tell u every one of the issues a lower station dinner from. They were more than the absolute number of days in a year. He let Bhim Rao know that he can not battle for everybody, but rather he should set himself up to battle for everyone’s benefit. Bhim Rao requested an answer. Advodate requested that he take out his book. Bhim Rao took out his scratch pad. Advodate said that this note pad is the arrangement, Bhim Rao should right a constitution on it for everybody. Joshi provoked; Bhim Rao was not deserving of squirming a constitution. Bhim Rao patched up his experience growing up dreams; he has previously composed a ton and would keep on doing as such. He guaranteed Barrister that he would right the constitution. Ramji was approached to withdraw. Ramji mentioned to offer Barrister some tea. Joshi reminded him his station and worth, which was not equipped for offering Barrister tea. Lawyer requested that Joshi comprehend his instructor as opposed to talking for his sake. Advodate acknowledged Ramji’s proposition. They left for tea. Bhim Rao began considering. Joshi upset him by reminding him his value and status. Bhim Rao acted unbothered. Joshi kept getting some information about his expectation, he believed Bhim Rao should reply. Bhim Rao stayed calm. Joshi grabbed the book. Bhim Rao stood up, said that he previously addressed his inquiry it was Joshi to comprehend.

Attorney adulated Bhim Rao. Ramji apologized to Barrister he wasn’t fit to bear the cost of the tea. He needed to carry Barrister to the side to converse with him. Attorney wouldn’t fret, asked what Ramji needed to discuss. Ramji said that other than being savvy Bhim Rao was some of the time excessively thoughtless. He requested that Barrister guide him well. Lawyer guaranteed Ramji; Bhim Rao was fortunate to have a dad like Bhim Rao who carried him to the workplace. Ramji was a thoughtless and egotistical dad, yet he believed Barrister should assist Bhim Rao with improving as a man and name. Attorney guaranteed Ramji, he said that having a child like Bhim Rao was sufficient. Ramji was obligated to some tea. Attorney left.

Hitesh came to Varchand illuminating him about he men driving them away from the structure. He requested the cash they were guaranteed. Varchand said that once Sethji returns they would be given the cash. Hitesh requested that what do in the interim, they don’t have a spot to live in. Varchand gave Hitesh some cash, said that he would ensure that he isn’t approached to leave. Hitesh was leaving. Varchanf’s better half pointed Hitesh’s slip-up of following Varchand other than Bhim Rao. Varchand asked Hitesh not to stress. He scrutinized his better half. She said that scourge of the lower rank would annihilate Varchand and his Sethji. Varchand can’t muster enough willpower to care.

Lakshmi inquired as to whether the developer really tossed everybody out. Pondered where everybody would reside. Rama said that they would oversee some way or another. Lakshmi asked Rama who she had the option to battle with everything alone. Lakshmi was at that point tired. Rama guaranteed that one day everything would pay off, all stresses would be gone. They should remain together until done. Lakshmi said that it took her some time to figure out Bhim Rao, yet since she has, she accepts that he would change the world. Rama adulated Bhim Rao; he ponders other before himself. A woman interceded, got some information about her better half. As indicated by her main God is simply perfect. Lakshmi tested the lady, requested that she see it for herself that Bhim Rao was this extraordinary. She declined and left.

Hitesh returned with a container of desserts. Everybody was hanging tight for him. They asked him about the gathering. Hitesh said that Varchand guaranteed that nobody would be compelled to purge the structure before Sethji returns. He disseminated the desserts. Joku offered it to everybody. One of the occupants discarded the case since they were being tricked by Varchand and Sethji. Hitesh asked him not to fault him, he marked the papers enthusiastically. The man addressed Hitesh, he considered Bhim Rao right. Joku slapped him for notice Bhim Rao. Hitesh and his companions censured Bhim Rao who wasn’t in any event, helping them.

Joshi and Bhim Rao were allowed leave. They put their books in the rack and went out. Joshi left. Bhim Rao returned to get him covered. He took his back and checked the Barrister out. Bhim Rao requested his recommendation, requested a technique to help individuals around him who were in harm’s way. Counselor requested that he make an equilibrium, it was for Bhim Rao to conclude how that could be accomplished.


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