Amidst the lack of or stability in the corona cases, it was also being said that the price fixed for testing it through RT-PCR kit was overshadowed by many people and should be reduced. However, in the initial phase, four and a half thousand rupees had to be paid for this investigation. Perhaps the availability of the RT-PCR kit for screening would have been less and many people were getting it tested even if there were minor symptoms for the purpose of pre-infection prevention.

But with the availability of the test kit and the increasing number of cases coming under control, the price was reduced and currently RT-PCR tests have to be paid for twelve hundred rupees. Now the Delhi government has reduced this rate and the cost of investigation has been fixed at eight hundred rupees. However, if you go to a sample or sample of people with symptoms, they will still have to pay twelve hundred rupees. Even now, the amount fixed for the investigation of Corona is not any less, but from the initial prices till now, there has been a lot of relief, so that more and more people can get access to this investigation.

In fact, in view of the spurt in Corona cases in Delhi during the last two weeks, the government has taken additional steps to control it. Increasing the number of investigations, as well as reducing its fixed price, will enable more people to investigate and identify suspicious and confirmed cases. Thereafter, there will be facility to provide treatment under the Corona Infections, such as confinement and supervision of doctors.

Apparently, the most concrete step in this direction to control the growing cases of corona is to examine even those with minor symptoms, so that timely cases can catch up. Therefore reducing the cost of the investigation can be called a positive step. Thus, if there is a possibility of corona in different states, if someone conducts RT-PCR check, the amount fixed for that is different. But it has been reduced significantly compared to the initial rates.

Significantly, according to the standards set by the World Health Organization, corona cases are investigated only through RT-PCR. But antigen and antibody screening methods were also adopted in India. Although both of these procedures have not been considered completely reliable, they have been used for investigative investigations to identify corona cases to an extent.

Currently, RT-PCR testing is considered to give the best results in the detection of infection. But in a country like India, the amount recovered for this investigation becomes an important aspect. It is necessary to see how much it costs and what is the cost of the test, from preparation of this RT-PCR kit to completion of the test.

In the face of this epidemic, the conditions that have arisen on the economic front across the country have also adversely affected the income of many people. Therefore, all the state governments should keep the price in the RT-PCR test in such a manner that the people do not hesitate to do the investigation after paying it.


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