Incidents of ceasefire violations by Pakistan in the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir are worrying. Hardly a day passes when Pakistani soldiers do not target Indian outposts and villages in the border area. However, such firing on the Line of Actual Control is not new. Pakistan has been doing this continuously for the last several years.

But when our jawans and people living in the villages fall prey to this action of Pakistani soldiers and they lose their lives, then it is natural to create anxiety and resentment. In the last few years, increasing incidents of ceasefire violations have resulted in a large number of casualties, severe damage to homes, cattle casualties and at times, the situation has deteriorated so much that people leave the village to save their lives Taxes had to go to safe places. In such a situation, the question arises that why does Pakistan not follow the ceasefire agreement? This time in the month of November itself, more than ten soldiers have died in the shelling of Pakistan along the Line of Actual Control.

If you look at the incidents of ceasefire violations, then this year, this figure has crossed three thousand. Last year too, there were about three and a half thousand incidents of ceasefire violations. Earlier in 2017, Pakistan broke the ceasefire eight hundred and sixty times, the highest figure since the agreement reached in November 2003.

There were four hundred and fifty times in 2016 and four hundred and five times in 2015. Clearly, there has been a sudden spurt in ceasefire violations in the last two years. Pakistan, following the terrorist attacks in Uri and Pathankot, adopted a strategy to target the border areas, which India has shown a strict attitude towards Pakistan.

The figures for this year and last year show that on average, Pakistan has been violating the ceasefire ten times a day. In such a situation there is no meaning of ceasefire. Simply put, it is a direct war against India on the border. So recently, India has once again called the officer of Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi and expressed strong displeasure over the increasing incidents of ceasefire.

These days, the elections for the District Development Council are going on in Jammu and Kashmir. This is the first time since Article-370 was abolished last year when political activities have started in the state and local people are taking part in it. Pakistan is embittered by India’s efforts to return peace and tranquility to Kashmir.

So he wants to push peace efforts there in any way. The major objective of firing in border areas is also to infiltrate terrorists in the Indian border region. Through these terrorists, weapons, explosives, fake currency and drugs are transported and terrorist attacks are carried out.

In order to infiltrate the terrorists, Pakistan has established bases to infiltrate the terrorists across the Line of Control. Recently one such tunnel was also found in Jammu region. Pakistan knows its policy of terrorism cannot be left out. In such a situation, answering it in his language is the only cure.


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