Protests across the country regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act have not stopped. 59 applications against the Citizenship Amendment Act will be held simultaneously in the Supreme Court. Violence also erupted in the capital’s Brijpuri on Tuesday following violent protests in Seelampur, Delhi. Uncontrollable mob threw stones at the police here. At the same time, Imam Bukhari has said that nothing can stop us from doing Protest. Police had to use tear gas bullets to control the crowd. After several hours of effort, the police managed to overcome the situation. After the violence, a large number of police forces were deployed in the area. Two people were seriously injured during this violence incident. On Tuesday, police registered two FIRs in Seelampur and one related to violence in Brijpuri.

At the same time, students of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University demonstrated on Tuesday in protest against the police action taken on the students in Jamia Millia Islamia. Students of National Law University, Amity University and Netaji Subhash Technical Institute also participated in the demonstration with him. Manmohan Singh, an alumnus of IP University, who organized the protest, said that around 100-150 students participated in the protest. He said, “The right to protest is a democratic right.” It is known that protests started in the northeast, including Assam, on the Citizenship Amendment Act, have spread to the states of South as well as West Bengal, Bihar.

School student reached safe house due to sensation of bus driver during demonstration

In Seelampur area of ‚Äč‚Äčnorth-east Delhi, a student sitting in a school bus escaped narrowly on Tuesday due to the driver’s understanding while taking violent forms of protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act on Tuesday. In fact, the driver made a phone call to the parents of the last child remaining in the bus a few meters before the designated place and handed the child over to them. The protesters then pelted stones at the bus.

Police issued notice to BHU students not to march

Police has issued notice to students of Kashi Hindu University (BHU) here, asking them not to march outside the campus against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. An official said that the notice has been issued under the provisions of Section 149 (Prevention of any cognizable offense) of the Criminal Penal Code (CRPC). He said that the students have also been warned that action will be taken against them if the notice issued by the police is violated.


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