Choti Sardarni 4th April 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Choti Sardarni 4 April 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 4th April 2022

April 4, 2022: Choti Sardarni Today Episode Start with a minister playing out Prince’s dastaarbandi/pagdi tying service. Kulwant envisions a young lady who inquires as to whether she was recalling her and sits alongside her. Kulwant offers her laddu. Ranna strolls to Kulwant and requests that she emerge as everybody are sitting tight for her. She understands she was envisioning the young lady. Young lady asks where is she going. She strolls to the young lady and inquires as to for what reason didn’t she eat laddu. Young lady shows she would rather not as she is irate on her and show her mehndi. Kulwant checks her Mehandi out. Young lady tends to her as daadi/grandmother and inquires as to for what reason didn’t she illuminate anybody about her, doesn’t she love her. Kulwant says she adores her. Young lady requests to illuminate everybody how she managed her. Kulwant apologizes her and afterward acknowledges again that she was envisioning her.

Ruler’s dastaarbandi service wraps up. Seher thinks where Kulwant naani/great more likely than not gone. Kulwant looks for the young lady crying and asks what is her name. She reviews the young lady’s words and apologizes her for sending a little child away from everybody. Seher strolls to her and asks which young lady she is conversing with, assuming that the young lady is associated with Harnoor. Kulwant inquires as to whether she knows Harnoor. Seher asks who is Harnoor and what is the young lady’s name she is referring to.

A man looks for a young lady named Mannat. Mannat is presented. Mannat inquires as to whether he brought all the stuff requested and conveys the stuff to her place by looming over a hanging rope.

Seher questions Kulwant why Meher used to send checks in Harnoor’s name which were not given, why Kulwant went to Harnoor’s town, and why she is clueless about Harnoor. Kulwant says Harnoor came into their lives 20 years prior when Meher was alive, Harnoor is that young lady’s mom and that young lady has a place with them; Harnoor had accompanied that young lady, yet she didn’t acknowledge the young lady. Seher asks whose young lady is that, who is her dad. Kulwant reviews the occasion.

Mannat contacts her town and appropriates stuff among townspeople. She sees 2 siblings battling, stops their battle, and says the family resembles a day to day existence coat that shields them from storm. Residents talk about that she is a decent young lady, however doesn’t have a family; god did foul play to her.

Seher demands Kulwant to tell who is the dad of that young lady. Kulwant uncovers Bittu is that young lady’s dad. She reviews Bittu falling in Harnoor’s affection and craving to wed her, however Meher cautions Bittu and proposes Harnoor not to squander her life for a wedded man. She uncovers that Seher sent checks to Harnoor, yet it never arrived at Harnoor. She reviews Harnoor meeting her after Meher’s passing and mentioning to acknowledge the young lady, yet she declined to Bittu and Jeeto’s marriage. She cries. Seher consoles her and decides to rejoin the young lady with her loved ones.


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