Channa Mereya 9th August 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Channa Mereya 9 August 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 9th August 2022

August 9, 2022: Channa Mereya Today Episode Start with She then cautions him to avoid anything such. Goldie and Ginni concurs and leaves the spot. Shailaja asks Sam what is she doing here. She then, at that point, takes her inside the puja room saying all are hanging tight for her. Ginni chides Goldie for his way of behaving yet the last option lets him know that he saw Simran. Ginni lashes out. In puja room Harnas sees Sam so she goes to Aditya and asks him for what good reason he didnt express anything about his companion. Aditya sushes her.

Cheema’s notification it. Golden asks Supreet what is the requirement for Aditya to bring Sam infront of Cheema’s loved ones. Their arrangement might get destroyed. Supreet attempts to quiet him down. Ginni requests that Goldie leave immediately. Goldie saw Simran yet leaves the spot. Ginni thinks Goldie is going off the deep end in light of Simran. Aditya comes there. He gives her gloves. He additionally finds out if she really want his assistance. Ginni tells she is fine. She then tells him the puja is directed by Rajvant in light of the fact that he got back from Vancouver. Aditya powers a grin and chooses to leave the spot.

Aditya returns to Ginni and asks her he needs to inquire as to whether she dont mind. Ginni requests that he inquire. Aditya inquires as to whether she at any point read heavenly books. Ginni lets him know that her regular beginnings and end perusing heavenly books. Aditya advises her that he didn’t be able to peruse sacred books in his day to day existence. He then, at that point, asks her what an individual needs to do as per blessed book when he is befuddled to pick right way in the main choice of his life.

Ginni lets him know that Kuswant used to tell during puja God is the person who generally assist them with tracking down the correct way in all life’s means. She might advise not many models from blessed book to pick right way yet in genuine it wont help that much. She requests that he participate in the puja with unadulterated aim and clear brain that will lead him to figure out what’s God’s arrangement for him. Aditya says thanks to her then, at that point, goes to the puja room. The puja happens. Aditya reviews Ginni’s words and looks daydreaming. The minister peruses a sacred book lines and tells the significance to everybody. They generally then serenade God’s name and stands from their place. Rajvant requests that Aditya stand when he sees him sitting lost in his idea.

Aditya obliges and plays out the puja. Ginni comes there with prasad. She argues God to help her tracking down Simran’s whereabouts. Sam sees Ginni so she attempts to leave the spot yet Shailaja stops her and requests that she be here until the puja is finished. Sam tells her she isn’t feeling good so she needs to leave yet Shailaja rejects saying God will assist her with getting freed off her shortcoming. Ginni goes into the puja room and puts the prasad infront of God’s golden calf. Sam leaves the spot without anybody seeing her. She then stops in her track when somebody gets her hand. She pivots and gets remembered seeing Aditya is the person who held her hand so she pivots. Shailaja jokes at Sam and Aditya.

Rajvant requests that Ginni serve prasad to everybody and the last option obliges. Simran attempts to cover her face with cloak. She then chooses to leave the spot before Ginni sees her. Ginni gives prasad to everybody. She approaches Simran. Akash hinders and advises Ginni to give him prasad. Ginni gives him. She then goes to give prasad to everybody. Yet again simran attempts to leave however Rajvant stops her and calls Ginni to give prasad to Sam. Ginni obliges and comes to Simran. Yet again akash come there. He tells the prasad is delicious and requests that Ginni give him some more.

Ginni gives him. Akash leaves yet he chances upon Simran and the last option pivots. Ginni sees her and gets stunned. Simran and Ginni gazes at one another. Simran leaves the spot. Aditya follows her and asks her what occurred. Sam lets him know she isn’t feeling good. Aditya tells her he will bring her medication yet the last option lets him know she will oversee it yet Aditya declines. Harnas comes there so Simran leaves the spot. Harnas gets some information about his relationship with Sam. He says nothing and leaves the spot. Harnas lashes out.

Ginni gets Simran and asks her what is she doing here. She inquires as to why she didn’t reached them after she left them. She likewise tells her that her sibling is going off the deep end without her in his life. Sam acts and lets Ginni know that she dont know what her identity is and what she is referring to so requests that she not to irritate her. She further cautions her not to call her sister by marriage since they dont have any relationship then leaves when she sees Goldie is coming there searching for Ginni. Ginni imagines that she needs to affirm regardless of whether she is Simran up to that point she needs to keep Goldie out of this. She then asks Goldie what is he doing here. Goldie tells that he is here to take his telephone. Ginni lets him know the two of them can leave together.

Rajvant gives things to the clerics and the last option goes out. Cheema’s family calls Amber and they gets some information about Aditya and Harnas collusion which they discussed it before moreover. Mr.Cheema requests to call Aditya since they need to know his perspective too. Aditya comes there with Simran. Everybody sees Aditya and Simran is clasping hands. Aditya says thanks to Mr.Cheema for his choice to get some information about this marriage and tells he isn’t keen on wedding Harnas additionally he is intending to wed Sam which shocks everybody.

Precap: Ginni calls Aditya and argues him to let her discussion to Simran once. Aditya tells her that he doesn’t know anybody whose name is Simran. Ginni gets confounded not entirely settled to track down reality by and by meeting Simran at any expense. Rajvant gets confounded by Aditya’s statement so he goes up against him.


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