Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th August 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 9 August 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 9th August 2022

August 9, 2022: Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Today Episode Start with Zoon comes there and asks her what befell her and requests that she awaken and turns her around. Ritesh gets stunned seeing Indu and eliminates the mustache from her face. Ritesh reviews his experience with Indu and Zoon. He affirms with Nidhi the equivalent. Ritesh smells liquor. He feels that implies Indu is the person who Zoon’s mom. He likewise shares with himself she isn’t just an indiscreet mother yet she additionally tend to drink too much.

He then, at that point, flies off the handle thinking she is a decent lady. Zoon cries and requests that Indu awaken. Ritesh conciliates her mom will be okay. Zoon asks him what has been going on with her mom. Ritesh tells her that because of stickiness her mom is frail and oblivious yet she will be okay soon. Zoon lets him know that she will be a fool infront of her colleagues again on the grounds that she let her cohorts know that her dad will come and partake in the match. Ritesh gets miserable yet guarantees Zoon today her group will dominate the volleyball game without a doubt. Zoon gets cheerful.

Ritesh emerges. Rahul requests that Ritesh stop his inept demonstration yet the last option denies saying he dont believe Zoon should go through to such an extent. He additionally shares his mistake about Indu with Rahul. He calls her flighty and alcoholic. He then, at that point, requests that Rahul let driver drop Indu to her home meawhile he will play the volleyball match for Zoon and he isn’t asking his viewpoint so requests that he follow his request. Rahul obliges. Peon gives the pullover to Ritesh who takes it sincerely.

Vivek asks Zoon do she know what’s going on here since he went to see Indu yet he was educated that Ritesh’s driver took Indu to their home. He likewise tells the group is inadequate without Indu yet here they are looking at continuing the match. The educator reports rather than Indirajit Raina who is Zoon’s dad Ritesh Malhotra is supplanting him.

Kadambari gets stunned and amazed hearing it. Vivek and Zoon gets blissful and applauds Ritesh alongside everybody. Vivaan gets irritated seeing Ritesh. He and his group prepares. The match resumes. Both the group play well and give difficult opportunity to their adversaries. In the end Ritesh dominates the game for Zoon. Zoon gets blissful. Everybody lifts Ritesh out of joy. Kadambari thinks about what is the association among Ritesh and Zoon.

Opposite side Neelam sees a sumptuous vehicle in their general public and miracles whose vehicle it is. The driver proceeds to converse with Rajender and the last option emerges and takes Indu with him inside the house. Neelam asks the driver who owns this vehicle. The driver tells its Ritesh Malhotra’s vehicle and leaves. Neelam gets stunned still up in the air to figure out what’s going on in the Raina’s.

Rajender lashes out with Indu in light of the fact that she is in her inebriated state and lets Sunita know that driver told that Indu is tipsy. Sunita tells that Indu is presently Ritesh’s companion to become one of them she needs to do this. Rajender tells her he is upset however Sunita lets him know that their girl won’t ever embarrass them and tells she didn’t know till today morning but rather now its affirmed something happening among Ritesh and Indu and she cant hold back to see Ritesh and Indu getting hitched.

In the event that this occurs, the general public individuals will quiet down without a doubt. In the school Zoon sees one of her cohort taking image of her dad so she requests that she give her telephone since she needs to take one photograph as well. The young lady pushes her and advises her to ask to her dad. Zoon gets miserable. Ritesh goes to Zoon and the two of them do a first knock and Zoon commends him for satisfying his commitment.

Ritesh takes her in his arms and spins her joyfully. Kaamna takes pictures of Ritesh and Zoon then sneers. Later Indu awakens and tells her folks her head is pulsating to such an extent. Sunita enquires Indu about Ritesh’s presence in the school. However, indu tells her that she isn’t figuring out anything. She likewise tells her that she remember nothing. Rajender shows the prize to Indu and tells her that Zoon’s group dominated the game. Indu gets blissful.

Kadambari’s PA shows the following day news which is imprinted in the news paper in which Ritesh and Zoon’s image will be seen printed and the line is ‘One day father Ritesh Malhotra’. She sneers joyfully pondering the result tomorrow. Ritesh goes to his room reviewing his cooperation with Zoon. He unfortunately falls on his love seat. Rahul asks Ritesh the purpose for it.


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