Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th August 2022 Episode Written Update, TV Serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8 August 2022 Written Update: in progress

Air Date: 8th August 2022

August 8, 2022: Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Today Episode Start with Ritesh looks on inquisitively. Indu comes there in her hidden look. Zoon gets cheerful seeing her. She calls her as father. She then, at that point, contacts Indu’s face and gets cheerful. Indu embraces her. Vivaan a dad of another youngster gets irritated however the wide range of various’ appears to be content. Indu kisses Zoon and the last option tells Indu is the person who kisses her like this and understands Indu come here masked her as her dad. Indu tells Zoon to not to call her as mother since she is here to be as her dad and advises all her this as a confidential.

Zoon concurs. Vivaan tells his partners Zoon don’t have a dad her mom masked herself as a man and they need to show her a thing or two. The instructor requests that everybody proceed to heat up themselves before the match begins. Kadambari tells her associate that she dont believe anybody should wreck the news and requests that she adhere to her directions. Indu and Kadambari neglects to see each other.

Vivek takes Zoon with him. Kadambari and Zoon catchs one another. Kadambari reprimands Zoon for making her drop her costly telephone. Zoon inquires as to whether her telephone is that significant why she didn’t keep it securely. Kadambari gets irate so she chides Zoon and questions her childhood.

Vivek flies off the handle and cautions Kadambari to not to say anything to such an extent that connected with Zoon. Nidhi hinders and asks Zoon to apologizes to Kadambari. Zoon obliges and apologizes to Kadambari then, at that point, leaves the spot with Vivek. Kadambari lets Nidhi know that her school kids dont have habits by any means. Nidhi changes her theme by telling her that Ritesh Malhotra is here.

Kadambari sneers cheerfully and heads inside. Opposite side Sameer enlightens Kaamna that he don’t mind regarding Ritesh on the grounds that he is a boastful man who needs to cause everybody to feel second rate with his unrivaled characteristics and they all might oblige and become manikin of him yet he wont. Kaamna reminds Sameer the extravagant daily routine they are experiencing is a result of Ritesh in particular so he have no other choice left except for to pay attention to anything that Ritesh is saying. Sameer rejects then, at that point, leaves the room. Kaamna blows up and agitate.

Vihaan one of the parent blends alchohol in his beverage and gripes how the school the board is being untrustworthy and making fun by allowing anybody to play this volleyball match particularly its referenced dad of the kids are the person who expected to play this. The other dad asks what occurred for what valid reason he is disturbed. Vivaan doesn’t say anything and makes different children father to have the beverage in his grasp. Indu goes into the room accidentally then chooses to leave yet Vivaan corners her and requests that she have drink. Indu fall into his snare when he tells the understudy will ridicule Zoon after her group loses the match.

Indu believes that she wont let anybody make her Zoon life harder and takes the beverage and beverages it. All the dad’s leave the room. Krish stresses the beverage is solid which might make Indu oblivious during the match. Vivaan tells let her languish over attempting to become a dad. Opposite side Sunita stresses that they all might be misconception that Ritesh and Indu are seeing one another or Ritesh have an interest in Indu.

Asha concurs with her and chooses not to get their expectations high. Anjali lets them know that she dont think they are misconception since first Ritesh needs to gift a vehicle to Indu then this happens. Rajender likewise enlightens Sunita regarding the photograph of Ritesh which Indu have it in her pack. Sunita gets blissful and tells once Ritesh and Indu get hitched the general public individuals will quiet down.

In the school Kadambari asks Ritesh for what reason he isn’t giving any meetings to the media these days. Ritesh tells there isn’t anything energizing occurring in his life. Kadambari asks him then for who he brought the vehicle. Ritesh ridicules and requests that Kadambari utilize her source appropriately. Kadambari lashes out and brings the medication subject and taunts at him. Ritesh lashes out yet Rahul requests that he center around the match. Every one of father’s children come to their spot and the educator tells the match will begin in couple of moments. Indu feels mixed up the entirety of her way and attempts to settle herself. Ritesh and Vivek sees this.

Vivek stresses what has been going on with Indu. Indu contemplates internally that she needs to dominate this game for Zoon at any expense then she wont spare the dad’s who made her inebriated. Ritesh enquires Nidhi about Zoon’s dad who is acting peculiar. Nidhi lets its Zoon’s mom know who masked herself as her dad. Ritesh acclaims Indu however Kadambari calls it garbage and says guardians ought to quit giving bogus desires to their children.

Ritesh asks her do she have a youngster. Kadambari brought forth a youngster however says no. Ritesh tells her that is the explanation she is too critical and not thinking from Zoon and her mom’s viewpoint. He then applauds Indu for making a good attempt to give all that Zoon needs. The match gets everything rolling. Ritesh waves at Zoon and the last option gets blissful and waves at him back. During the match the ball hits Indu and Indu falls oblivious. Everybody gets stunned.


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