Guna BJP MP KP Yadav: The OBC certificate of BJP MP KP Yadav has been revoked, as his income is more than Rs 8 lakh. His son’s OBC certificate has been canceled.

Guna BJP MP KP Yadav: The OBC certificate of BJP MP KP Yadav from Guna in Madhya Pradesh has been canceled by Ashok Nagar district administration on the basis that his income is more than Rs 8 lakh. Along with Yadav, his son’s OBC certificate has also been canceled. Please tell that KP Yadav came into the limelight after defeating veteran Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia from the fold. Yadav’s son was issued an OBC certificate in July as his father’s income was shown to be Rs 5 lakh. Whereas children of persons with an annual income of Rs 8 lakh or more are not entitled to reservation benefits reserved for OBCs.

What is the matter: Sub-divisional magistrate Brijbihari Srivastava told The Indian Express that OBC certificate is issued only to applicants whose income is less than Rs 8 lakh. This certificate was issued to the son of the MP because the MP had announced that his annual income is Rs 5 lakh. He said that but after submitting the details of Yadav’s income, his and his son’s certificate has been revoked. The SDM sent all their documents to the Superintendent of Police for investigation, which the DM confirmed.

BJP MP’s reply: The MP said in his reply that it was a lapse, as his wife’s income was not added to the application. He accused the employees of discrepancy in income. He said that his son did not use the certificate for any reservation benefit, nor did he ever use it. Yadav further said that he himself wrote to the SDM, when the discrepancy came to his notice. He cited the hand of former Union Minister Scindia behind this action and said that ‘Maharaja’ is not able to accept his defeat by a common man.


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