Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 was a very emotional episode. To win the immunity stone, every contestant had to share his biggest and worst secret and judge the householder about whose truth made the most impact. After the arrival of this episode, many people are saying that no one has the right to judge others on the basis of their bad and painful secrets. Contestant and model Diandra Soures of Bigg Boss 8 has also fiercely beaten the makers for this task. He says that this task was extremely insensitive.

He tweeted several successive tweets on Twitter and criticized the task. He wrote in a tweet, ‘Horrific task. Forgive me, it was not good at all. People were asked to compare their trama in this way, it was very insensitive. This can trigger someone to listen further and give a judgment. And inside may make them more upset. Don’t play Big Boss with people’s trauma.

In another tweet, Diandra wrote, ‘Everyone has got some pain in life or they are going through pain. How can one compare, fight and argue for this? how? It is very bad for all the families.


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