Big Boss Hardcore 13 “enemy Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai once again coming close. Earlier this week, a lot of romance was shown between the two, which was liked by the people. However, even after that romance, everything did not go well between the two and a light-hearted debate was seen. But now both will be seen lost in each other’s eyes.

A video of today’s episode has surfaced in which Siddharth is sitting in front of Rashmi, looking at her with great affection. Looking at them, Siddharth says ‘there is no other girl like you’. After this Rashmi says to her ‘Will you see me with so much love, are you feeling inside?’. Now both are really feeling good with each other or this love is also a part of a task, it will be known only in today’s episode.

Earlier the romance between the two was seen during a task. Bigg Boss gave Siddharth-Rashmi and Mahira-Vishal the task of shooting romantic videos. In which such a tremendous chemistry between Siddharth and Rashmi was shown that the audience was also surprised. The video of Sid and Rashmi was shot by Shahnaz while the expert-giant Ka Paras.


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