Kapil Sharma has raised more than one artist in his comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. But for a while, several actors have been dropped from the show. In such a situation, many people are saying on social media that Kapil’s strong team is slowly breaking down. Recently, Bharti Singh was arrested in the drugs case. Bharti Singh along with her husband Harsh Limbachiya were also arrested.

Many people on social media meanwhile said that ‘stars celebs have a similar life. Something from outside, something from inside. ‘ So someone said- ‘Until you get caught do not take drugs, when the truth comes out, then we keep silence.’ Such comments were seen on Twitter, Insta. It was being speculated whether Bharti would enter the Kapil show again?

If yes, will the audience see them as before and forget all? Meanwhile, the news came that Bharti Singh was thrown out of the show after her name surfaced in the drugs case. Makers currently do not want the show’s name to be associated with controversies after such contravention. In such a situation, the strong team of Kapil Sharma seems to be breaking.

Even before this, Kapil has had such a problem on his head, when his team was on the verge of breaking up. First, Sunil Grover’s distance from Kapil and his show was increased. As of Guthi, Sunil Grover, who is appearing in the audience of Kapil’s show, wants to see him on the show even today. But Sunil’s contravention with Kapil spoiled the entire game. The two split up after Kapil and Sunil’s flight fight.

When Sunil went to Grover, Kapil’s special friend and co-actor Ali Asgar also got away from him. At that time, along with Kapil and Sunil, the team of the show also looked divided. Ali also did not appear on Kapil’s show after this.

Kapil’s aunt on the show also left him. Upasana Singh, who played Bittu’s aunt in the show, also suddenly disappeared from the show. Upasana, however, said that he had no problem with Kapil.


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